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Bothered: Twenty-Three Dollar Box of Joe at Hillside

Apologies for the second article in a row on Hillside, though I hope that you’ll find the commentary provided by Mr. McEwen and yours truly to be original at the very least. Those things in life that bother us rarely wait for a time that is convenient to the recipient. Hillside’s Box of Joe is no exception.

As a senior, I’ve been enjoying the smaller crowds at Hillside. The time spent waiting for my burger is no longer a limbo while I wonder if I’ll find a table. I don’t really think it’s fair to the underclassmen whose dining options are now even more limited than before. But I digress.

What I’m not okay with is Hillside’s ridiculous handling of the introduction of a Box of Joe to its menu. At first it seemed like a great idea. The Box of Joe is very useful to have in the library, which is not convenient to Mac or Lower late at night when Hillside is closed. It’s not all that different from a camel, who needs to hold great amounts of water to make it through a long journey.

The Offending Coffee

However, the price of the Box of Joe is too exorbitant to stomach. Twenty-three dollars is ridiculous given what a Box of Joe is; coffee and a box. At those prices, the Box of Joe is not a bargain. You actually lose money if you don’t finish the thing.

Dunkin Donuts charges ten dollars less for their Box of Joe, which comes with crème, sugar, cups, wooden sticks, etc. I have often called upon the Box of Joe to get me through a particularly rough study session. I will never call upon the Hillside Box of Joe.

Twenty-three dollars is a fair blow to any type of meal plan that BC offers. It’s 10 days of morning coffee or two dinners. While I don’t expect that anyone would buy a Box of Joe every day, that’s not really the point. The Box of Joe should be a resource to students, not a burden.

When the Power Rangers face a monster that has just grown to incredible sizes, they call upon their Megazord to take the battle up a notch. The Box of Joe serves a very similar function. It cannot serve that function if students refuse to use it because of its ridiculous price. BC needs to lower the cost of the Box of Joe so that all students can experience the great feeling of having a big box of coffee at their disposal while studying.

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  1. The Colonel

    Is Boston replacing Inside the Beltway Washington as the home of American ripoffs and screwings? Thanks to the inability, or unwillingness, of the administrations of BC and the large institution a mile or two down Commonwealth Avenue to avoid having parents’ weekends at the same time, it was a bit difficult to get hotel space. Yesterday I paid the outlandish total of $328.40 ($294 plus taxes) for a marginally OK room (very small bathroom, smallish room, no window to the outside, opened onto a corridor over a heavily chlorinated, smelly indoor swimming pool) at the Holiday Inn in Brookline. Just as your Hillside overcharges for a Box of Joe compared with Dunkin Donuts, so too the local kips seem ask Waldorf Astoria/Savoy prices for a Motel 6-quality room. Is this becoming a Boston thing? I wonder.

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