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The Inescapable Reach of Nostalgia

In the fast paced hectic world that we live in, I like to keep a few places sacred for thought completely unrelated to whatever I’m doing at the moment. The shower is one of those places. Many of my best articles ideas originated there and it’s a place where I let nothing bother me, except maybe change in water pressure.

The other day while I was in the shower, something popped into my head that I had not thought about in a long time. As I was deep conditioning my hair, I started to sing “ah wee ooooh, killer tofu.” Many of you may remember as a lyric in a song by the fictional band The Beets from the TV show Doug.

If you’re sitting there puzzled by the spontaneity of such a pop culture reference, you’re not alone. I’ve probably spent too much time wondering where it came from as well. What’s perhaps even more bizarre is that I wasn’t really a big fan of Doug at all. I watched it, but I probably wouldn’t even put it in my top ten in terms of children’s shows (a list which may come soon).

So why would a relatively minor line from a show I didn’t particularly care about come into my mind at least a decade after the last time I’d heard the song? Perhaps the bigger question is whether or not there’s any significance at all. I guess it’s possible that I sang it because it’s catchy. Is that such a bad reason?

Regardless of the potential significance of the killer tofu, the episode in the shower did reaffirm my beliefs about nostalgia and memories in general. Relevance might not be a matter that’s even under our control. Seemingly unimportant and uninteresting experiences can in fact pop up out of nowhere in unlikely scenarios.

In that regard, I consider nostalgia important. I’m not sure why I thought to sing a song from a 90s children’s cartoon. But the fact that it came up means that all those seemingly distant memories buried in my mind are alive and well. I don’t know if this means that they’ll pop up in anything that I do (I’ll leave that question for the science section).The fact that it even came up at all was interesting to say the least.

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