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Getting a Stew Going With Carl Weathers

I’ve been in a bit of a predicament lately. Every time I see someone discard some food that isn’t completely finished, I feel the need to tell them that if they took that home, added some broth and a potato, then baby, they’d have a stew going. This quote comes from Arrested Development when Carl Weathers made a noteworthy guest appearance as himself.

Getting a stew going is hardly the first phrase I’ve quoted from Arrested Development. I enjoy informing friends who are talking too much about money that “there’s always money in the banana stand” or saying “I’ve made a huge mistake” when I make a minor infraction. But neither of those things happen with the same frequency that you find even the littlest bit of meat on that bone.

This had caused a massive internal struggle within me. While I’ve been consciously trying to keep the BC community informed about the potential stews that they can create instead of throwing their food away, I myself am guilty. Since I’ve embarked on my mission, I’ve created precisely zero stews to call my own.

I suppose one of these days, I’ll get my own stew going. I won’t just limit it to bits of leftover food and potatoes, but I’ll try to keep Carl’s intentions in mind. I thank Carl Weathers for showing me that there’s a use for leftover food besides throwing it out. I’m also glad that Arrested Development is coming back on TV soon so they can teach me more of these valuable life lessons.

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  1. Bibble loves this.

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