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Why Hunter Rain Boots Annoy Me

After our recent bout of inclement weather, Hunter rain boots are out and about on campus more than ever. While I understand why people wear rain boots, I have never understood why seemingly the entire female population of BC wears Hunter boots. The boots are plain colors, mostly seen in green or black, with almost nothing distinguishing about them except the word Hunter printed in all caps across the top. The cheapest pair of these rain boots costs about $130, while there are similar boots from other brands for $30 or less. The difference is that the cheaper boots are missing is the big Hunter logo tattooed across the front. I have never been one to pay extra for a label, but even so, I cannot understand what it is about these boots that make people cough up the extra 100 bucks.

The boots rocketed into the world of fashionable shoe wear in the past decade, though they were originally created in the UK in the 1856. Distributed to soldiers during WWI and WWII, the boots also became a favorite of farmers throughout the region. How did these boots go from mucking about in barns to grazing fashion magazines (and college campuses)? Celebrities started wearing them, most notably Kate Moss, who was photographed wearing the tall boots with short shorts in 2005.

I’ve heard the “they’re so comfortable!” or “they’re such nice quality” reasons, but at the end of the day the only “quality” you really need in rain boots is that they keep your feet dry. Plastic bags over your shoes can accomplish that, and those are free. To be fair, I have never tried on a pair, so maybe they make you feel like you are being carried on angel’s wings, but I’m willing to bet they just feel like every other pair of rain boots. The boots seem to be well made and last awhile, but in the hands of a 20-something girl, boots only last as long as the trend does, which is generally over long before the shoes themselves wear out. Also, unless you are actually using them on a farm or live in Seattle, how often do you really need rain boots? I’m guessing not enough for wear and tear to be a serious issue.

Perhaps I am missing something, but for me these boots are on the list of things that people buy purely for the brand name along with North Face fleeces and Ray-Bans. I certainly don’t judge anybody for owning Hunter boots, but all I’m saying is when I’m out in my off-brand, 20 dollar rain boots and you’re out in your Hunters, my feet will be just as dry as yours and I will have an extra hundred bucks in my pocket.


  1. For practical usage and good looks to boot (pun intended), you can’t do much better than a pair of LL Bean Maine hunting boots. They’re reasonably priced, incredibly durable (I have 3 pairs – the oldest of which is going on 23 year old and still kicking – pun intended again) and fairly stylish. Good article!

  2. this.

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