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Keeping it Classy on Election Day

While I love the excitement that Election Day brings, I’m not exactly thrilled with the current atmosphere in social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. Both websites are bogged down with posts like “if Romney wins I’m moving to Canada” and some very racially charged statements that our society typically considers inappropriate. It appears as though Election Day has caused some people to abandon common sense and, more importantly, class.

The Rock did not endorse a candidate for the election. I didn’t even think about it. The Rock is an entertainment website. Facebook and Twitter, despite their obvious value for quick entertainment, are in a similar boat. Most people check them for entertainment, not to engage in intense political debate.

With that in mind, I urge supporters of both parties to be cognizant of what is thrown around on social media. You’re not actually moving to Canada if Romney wins. I like Canada, but it’s foolish to move there because of political repercussions.

Political ideology yields few universal truths. Opinion based arguments should never resort to the burning of bridges. While spewing hate-filled posts may yield a few likes today, you still have to deal with the people you insulted tomorrow.

Beyond that, Facebook is not a place where you’re going to convince anyone of the opposition to agree with you. It’s foolish to expect to be taken seriously when your political post is sandwiched between a meme and a picture of someone’s lunch. That is the world we live in.

Stay classy, Boston College. Your friends should be your friends regardless of who they voted for. Political hatred should be reserved for television ads, not social media.

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  1. For a long time now, midget-minds – – primarily in “show-biz” – – have threatened to leave the USA if somebody wins. Barb[a]ra Streisand, one or more Baldwins and others so promised with respect to George W, Bush. So far as I know, none actually left.

    A deeper question is: “Why Canada?” Why does that great and peaceable nation, currently under the most Conservative government in decades (which inter alia recently repealed the fatuous and expensive “gun registry” boondoggle which the RCMP testified solved not a single crime) deserve even a threatened inundation of overpaid, cerebrally-challenged and deeply ‘entitled’ people. I could understand these self-obsessed and narcissistic dimwits seeking to call attention to themselves by promising to move to some wretched, impoverished, dysfunctionally-governed country like Zimbabwe, where the dimwits’ money and potential for attracting attention might actually serve some useful purpose.

    But why Canada?

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