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Bothered: Rugby Ralph Lauren is Closing

I tend to be a creature of habit when it comes to clothes. I have an affection for silly t-shirts, many from Threadless, but most of my wardrobe comes from Vineyard Vines or Rugby Ralph Lauren. It’s no coincidence that the two are located about 100 feet from each other on Greenwich Avenue. Being a male, I’m not too terribly into clothes shopping so I can hold off on getting new clothes until I go home for breaks.

Last week, Ralph Lauren announced that Rugby was closing. Apparently the profits margins weren’t good enough and Ralph Lauren wants to redirect its resources toward clothing that appeals to a wider demographic. I doubt Ralph Lauren would be surprised to hear that a college student, one of Rugby’s target demographics, was upset by its closing. But it’s still a bummer.

There aren’t many Rugby stores, fourteen to be exact. Three aren’t even in the United States. Ralph Lauren was clearly not interested in putting anything in the brand or else it would’ve tried to expand beyond major cities and affluent communities. This closure shouldn’t be surprising at all.

Rugby was my go to whenever I needed to look classy. The clothing was simple and comfortable and the vibes were nice in the store. Rugby’s closing means I have to seek another store to balance out the amount of whales on my clothes (shame on you if you’ve continued to read the article this far and don’t get that reference).

Rugby will be missed. Not by many apparently, but it’s certainly not the first time that college students have made up the majority of a dissenting opinion. The loss of an overpriced prep store may not be a big loss in the grand scheme of things. It does mean that I have to find a new place to buy both pants and shorts with skulls on them. That’s a justifiable reason to be bothered.


  1. It’s the old, sad song all over again. If it’s [1] useful, [2] attractive or [3] I especially like it, it is doomed. Anything with a scrap of panache or elegance will be scrapped in favour of some junk that looks like it comes from WalMart.

  2. Hit the store closing sales and load up on skulls and crossbones!

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