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The Rock Celebrates Thanksgiving Food

Last year, we did a group article that talked about what we were thankful for this past Thanksgiving. This year, we’re still thankful but we though we’d try something a little different.

Since we have a Food section, it made sense to talk about our favorite Thanksgiving foods. Thanksgiving is one of the few holidays during which it’s not only acceptable to eat multiple plates of food before dessert, it’s encouraged.

Cartoon by Suzanne Severance

Here are our favorite Thanksgiving foods

Danielle Dybbro – My favorite Thanksgiving food, ever since I was little, has always been mashed potatoes. My uncle would make the smoothest, creamiest, melt-in-your-mouth gallon of mashed-up goodness that I couldn’t get enough of, and I always have thirds or even fourths of mashed potatoes on my plate.

Christian Petro – My favorite Thanksgiving food is the bacon stuffing my mom makes. The perfect combination of crunch and soft goodness. Nothing tops momma’s cooking.

Jacob McEwen – Mash and gravy because it serves as the foundation for the entire experience. You can mix the mash with damn near everything else on the plate, and it basically acts like a vehicle for the gravy. Call it genes, but it’s all for nothing without potatoes.

Alex Mangione – Candied yams because they make family time more bearable.

Maura Naughton – Squasher (see Maura’s full article here)

Christian Montalvo – The leftover Thanksgiving sandwich. All the goodness of Thanksgiving Dinner (at my house: the turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and squashed yams) packed into a sandwich. There is never a shortage of leftovers, although I usually eat so much the day of Thanksgiving that I can’t enjoy them for a least a full day later.

Meagan McCarthy – Apple pie because my mom would make it every year for our family Thanksgiving. As she was making it, my sister and I would sneak pieces of the sugary apples before the pie went into the oven because they tasted so good covered in cinnamon. Now, it’s my job each year to make apple pie with my mom’s recipe and I always prepare extra apples so we can eat them before the pie goes in.

Liz Faris – Mashed potatoes are hands down the best Thanksgiving food. Nothing tastes better the next morning as leftovers or helps wash down all the super fun extended family time.

Jamie Spagnuolo – Of all the Thanksgiving foods, my favorite is apple pie because it contains the highest amount of sugar per serving.

Jessica Yoon – Pumpkin pie, preferably with an unhealthy dose of whipped cream. It’s probably the only Thanksgiving dish that can make me completely disregard the distinct possibility of vomiting from over-satiety.

Ian Thomas Malone – Rhubarb pie. Thanksgiving dessert is the best. I always think of it as the reward for making it through the Thanksgiving meal itself. If you’re eating two plates or less of Thanksgiving food, you should probably eat some more before dessert. You need to earn it.

Suzanne Severance – Eh, apple pie is alright.

Chris Harlem – Main course: I’m all about the stuffing. It can make anything good; throw on some gravy and you’re set. For dessert: pumpkin pie by far. It’s probably one of my favorite desserts.

Conor Naughton – Mushroom soup. It has a plethora of mushrooms mixed up in an extremely creamy broth. My grandparents have been making it for many, many years.

Humphrey Yang – My favorite food for Thanksgiving is any type of pasta salad. I know it’s not very traditional, but it is the best thing to have in my opinion! Oh, and I love any banana bread of apple pies.

Marie McGrath – Thanksgiving is one of the only days of the year when it is not only acceptable but encouraged to fill all the empty space on your plate with ladle after ladle of what is glorified fat. Gravy is one of the most delectable and evil substances that is present on Turkey Day, and reigns supreme over all sauces, glazes and condiments that share its table. Gravy: I am thankful for you. Your brown salty decadence epitomizes the gluttony that only this holiday can render guilt-free. Come Thursday, I will consume and unacceptable volume of you in all your savory glory.

Griff Stark-Ennis – Corny Corn Corn Casserole, a yearly remembrance of my grandmother and her kitchen magic. Guaranteed, it’s more delicious than the name is funny.

Katherine Bildsten – My favorite Thanksgiving food, always and forever, is bread. Although I pride myself on being a lover and eater of quite literally all foods (save carrots, mayonnaise, and bleu cheese), there’s something about wheat, yeast, and the necessary energy boost glucose provides–especially when being interrogated about “future plans” and “boyfriends.” Even the drier and more mediocre varieties can be made perfect by my actual favorite food, butter, or my second-favorite Thanksgiving food, gravy.

Chris Sax – Is it bad that I’m sick of Thanksgiving food? Don’t get me wrong, Thanksgiving is a great excuse to stuff your face and I am very thankful for all the things I’ve been given in life, but all I think about during that meal is how it’s just in the way of the start of Christmas season.

Juliette San Fillipo – Stuffing, because you get a taste of everything.

Molly Moltzen – Day-After-Thanksgiving Sandwich because it combines all the great parts of Thanksgiving in one portable package.

On behalf of The Rock, we would like to wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving.

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