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Girl Meets World Should Not Meet the Light of Day

Disney has confirmed production on Girl Meets World, a follow up series to the 90s nostalgia classic Boy Meets World. Ben Savage and Danielle Fisher are expected to reprise their roles as Cory and Topanga Matthews, whose romance served as a major plot line for the show’s run. While interest in 90s revival has been gaining momentum, is this really a step in the right direction?

I was a huge fan of Boy Meets World growing up (implying that growing up ended around age 15). The show gave me unrealistic expectations of just about everything. I’ve never had a teacher like Mr. Feeny. I’ve never made out with anyone in a public place on campus. I’ve never actually seen anyone else doing it for that matter.

no Feeny no show

Despite this, I still enjoy Boy Meets World. Last year, I wrote an article that talked about my continued love of the show. The show maintains significant nostalgic value, at least in my eyes.

Which is a perfect reason why Girl Meets World needs to not happen. Boy Meets World works because it’s a TV show with strong connections to its time period. It was an innocent show in the days before Facebook, twitter, and risquΓ© cable shows. In order to make Girl Meets World successful, it needs to get with the times. Unfortunately, that’s going to alienate many of the old fans, creating a lose/lose scenario.

The other problem is that significant characters will not be back full time. William Daniels, who played Mr. Feeny, is 85 so it’s only fair to give him a pass. But Rider Strong and Will Freidle are both currently doing nothing except signing autographs for girls in their 20s (and me if our paths ever cross). Cory worked because he has Shawn, Eric, and Feeny. Is he really that interesting as a stand alone character?

The whole “next generation” thing doesn’t really work either. Boy Meets World‘s early seasons were subpar. Are we really supposed to invest seven more years into new characters, all for the sake of nostalgia? I don’t think so.

Girl Meets World is destined to fail. Nostalgia is never as tasty the second time around. Boy Meets World had many life lessons to tell. When Mr. Feeny announced “class dismissed” in the finale, he meant it. We should honor the legacy of television’s greatest teacher, not tarnish it.

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