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Movies that Don’t Rock: Breaking Dawn Pt. 2

Before I dive into my criticisms levied against both Stephanie Meyer’s book series and its film adaptations, I would like to acknowledge the risk I took in devoting time to the material. I am fully aware that the vampire romance series was not my demographic and was also poorly reviewed. That does not preclude me from pointing out the many flaws that make up the framework of the series. This particular article will focus on Breaking Dawn Pt. 2.

I don’t necessarily disagree that the final book should have been split up into two movies, as it was much longer than the other three. However, the problem is that much of Breaking Dawn consists of downtime. Rather than cut one film into an action packed movie, the filmmakers unsurprisingly decided to capitalize on the profits of two films. As a result, the final two films are rather boring.

Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 spends much of its time focusing on Bella and Edward’s romance with Jacob also there just hanging out. This whole thing felt awkward, forced, and gross at many times. The film’s nonchalant brushes with pedophilia is concerning given that it’s primary audience is children.

The other problem lies with the conflict. The Volturri are these horrible big bad guys who are coming to kill the Cullens, all because they don’t like them. Plain and simple, with nothing else to the story. The Cullens aren’t driven to fight for any noble cause or for the greater good of humanity; they’re just fighting because someone really doesn’t like them.

There are some other major holes in the movie, which I cannot criticize because there are major spoilers. Another that I can talk about is the ending credits. The film ends with a montage giving credit to all the actors and the characters from the entire film series. Even the ones who weren’t in the final movie. Even characters with one line in the whole series.

Twilight thinks its an important part of 21st century literature. I don’t deny its importance as a popular culture phenomenon, but not on merits of quality writing. Both the books and the movies had major problems in plot, character development, and believability, even after taking suspension of disbelief into consideration.

Breaking Dawn Pt. 2’s ending montage gave the idea that it was the ending to a beloved and important film series. The difference was that it’s not Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter. The only people who will miss Twilight are those who will soon reach the maturity to understand just how poorly made the series was. Though something tells me we haven’t seen the last of Edward, Bella, and the stinky dog Jacob.

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