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The Rock Celebrates Christmas

Since the holiday season happens to coincide with exams, we decided to take the focus of our group article to a simpler time. A time where finals didn’t exist and the only test that mattered was for spelling. There were no iPhones, only Tickle Me Elmo’s, Easy Bake Ovens, and Lego’s.

This article is dedicated to the Christmas’ of our youths. The toys that made us jump out of bed screaming at the top of our lungs. The ones that filled our days with joy, for the week after Christmas at least.

Danielle Dybbro – I can’t think of a favorite Christmas present off of the top of my head, but a Christmas memory that stands out to me was when I was around 7 or 8 years old. My older brother was 14 and we played with my new Little Mermaid Barbie and his Lego collection all day, and I still remember how much fun we had together.

Christian Petro – I got this thing called a Poo-chi in 2nd grade, I thought it was so cool because it was like a miniature robot dog that barked songs and acted angry or sad . I played with that thing for weeks on end. It danced and barked christmas tunes while it’s eyes lit up. My siblings both got them too so it was awfully loud in the house for quite a while.

Jacob McEwen – I like the Christmas Story marathon on cable, as well as spiked eggnog, preferably with cinnamon rather than nutmeg.

Maura Naughton – Everything I’ve ever got.

Christian Montalvo – This memory still makes my heart race. When I was about 10 years old, I awoke Christmas morning to a network of strings throughout my house. Once they were awake, my parents led me to the beginning of the strand, which I followed for about 15 minutes with my parents close by to make sure I didn’t cheat and cut ahead. I ended up on the edge of my property. My heart was rocking inside of my chest when I saw the string tied to the handlebar of a new electric scooter.

Meagan McCarthy – When I was little, every girl wanted an American Girl Doll. My older sister, Molly, got the Molly doll of course as well as the books that went along with it. My parents looked around until they found another collection called the Magic Attic Club which had a Megan doll. When I came downstairs on Christmas morning, I was absolutely overjoyed to see my beautiful Megan doll along with one of her books. For years to come, we received doll clothing and accessories. Even though I had a collection of Barbies and Beanie Babies as well, they paled in comparison to my Megan.

Liz Faris – My favorite gift was a life-size Barbie. My excitement about this lasted approximately a week until I woke up in the middle night and having a life-size Barbie near my bed was suddenly terrifying. It was moved downstairs, where my dad began to pose it around the house, holding the newspaper at the bottom of the stairs, in the kitchen holding out breakfast pastries. My dad found this hilarious. My mom did not, so away life-size Barbie went.

Jamie Spagnuolo – My favorite Christmas gift when I was younger was a Cybiko. If you’re wondering what that is, it was a handheld computer that allowed you to text message someone, but only if they within a 1000 feet distance and also owned a Cybiko…very advanced technology in 2001.

Ian Thomas Malone – When I was six, I got this thing called a Metal Molder. You put metal beads and it would mold them into weird objects, like wizards and dragons (okay, it was cool then). Christmas night, I figured out how to remove the safety screen and I got a second-degree burn on my hand. I’m pretty sure those toys got recalled…

Chris Harlem – Those electric race car tracks. The ones with 2 or so cars racing around tight bends and around loops. If you went to fast you’d fly of the track; but if you were too conservative, you’d get smoked by your buddy or whoever you were racing against. It was a fine line to walk. You were always pushing the edge to see if you could go a little faster.

Conor Naughton – I liked my snow ski because I thought it would be tougher than snowboarding and when I tried to ride it, I once fell on my rear so hard I could barely breath and from then on I rode sitting down. But it was still awesome.

Griff Stark-Ennis – I wasn’t even a gamer, but I didn’t care…all I wanted that Christmas was to play Crash Bandicoot and Pokémon with all of my other friends. As I began to see the distinct package coloring (I had asked for lime green), my joyous squeals and “Thank you’s!” escalated in volume. Four words kids: Nintendo Game Boy Color.

Chris Kabacinski – Not only did the LeapFrog Smart Globe keep me entertained for years following that wonderful Christmas morning, but it played a substantial role in winning the fourth grade geography bee and winning the heart of my grade school crush. I am eternally grateful to my parents for that wonderful gift.

Chris Sax – The gerbil that I got, liked for maybe a week and then my mom took care of it

Molly Moltzen – I got a puppy one year when I was younger for Christmas. Everything since then just seems like a let down.

On behalf of The Rock, we would like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays. We will be sporadically posting articles throughout break.

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  1. Christian Montalvo

    The poochi rules, but Liz your Christmas story is far and away my favorite. Your Dad is hilarious.

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