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Bothered: Facebook and iPhone’s Quest for Constant Communication

The updates to iPhone and Facebook messaging over the past few years has made communication easier than ever. Whether or not that’s a good thing is really up to you. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the new “read” feature that both have implemented.

Both Facebook and iPhone have found it necessary to inform the sender of the message that his or her message has been read by the recipient. This feature is one of many that technology has not been able to implement until now. I have yet to find a beneficial use for this feature, though I’ve discovered many reasons to be bothered by it.Facebook-Thumbs-Down

Many messages are received on the go. This isn’t exactly surprising for iPhone, but Facebook is a little bit different. One person might send a Facebook message from their home computer to a person who receives the message on their phone. That person might be in a meeting, class, the doctor’s office, or maybe even a funeral. The possibilities are endless.

The endless possibilities do not always work to your favor as they might if you were pondering the many possibilities for a Disney World adventure or if you’re cooking with the popular superfood kale. No, these are all possibilities for why someone is ignoring your message that you know for a fact they’ve read.

The right to privacy might be a myth when it comes to the internet, but I for one am not pleased by the idea that I must now think before I want to read a message knowing that I cannot immediately respond. I try to be a polite individual and I would be bothered by the thought that someone else thought I was ignoring them.

If I am to be compelled to message someone, I would rather feel so by the person and not by the service provider. iPhone has introduced a feature that allows you to turn “read” off. I hope Facebook follows suit. Communication is nice. Tyranny is not. Namaste.

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