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Storage Units that Don’t Rock: The Quirky Crate

I received the Quirky Crate for free as part of my participation as a member of the Amazon Vine program.

I’ve seen some weird product ideas in the past, but Quirky Crates has got to be one of the most memorable. From the moment it entered my life on that fateful Tuesday afternoon, I’ve been fascinated by this small little storage unit. Unfortunately, that’s not exactly a good thing. crate

The phrase “much ado about nothing,” comes to mind in the strange case of the Quirky Crate. The “instruction manual” (yea, there’s one of those for a pre-assembled crate) shows that there are many add-ons for this crate. Owners of said crate are encouraged to use their imaginations with regards to the supposed endless possibilities for joy that the box will bring to their lives.

It might be that I haven’t explored all the possibilities, but I’m really not seeing that many uses for this crate. It isn’t very big, so it can’t store much stuff. There’s also holes at the bottom. Whatever I choose to put in the crate must be small enough to fit but also big enough to stay. Such puzzles are best left for the Mad Hatters’ dining table.

At a whopping $65 dollars, this crate is not worth purchasing, unless you were one of the 230+ people thanked for the concept design of the most overhyped crate of all time. I got it for free and I still don’t want it. The cushion isn’t terrible, but I didn’t get it for the cushion. I wanted a grade A crate. I didn’t get one.

I consider myself to be a fairly imaginative person and yet I haven’t bonded with the crate. I won’t be purchasing any of the add ons. It came with wooden legs, but one of the screws was missing. I decided not to e-mail Quirky Crates about the missing part because it didn’t affect my review at all. The crate is an albatross of a product, which failed to use clever marketing in an effort to forge a relationship between master and crate. This review is the extent of the imagination that it sparked inside of me. Normally, that’d be okay. But the crate is still in my possession. I imagine that it won’t be for very long.


  1. The Colonel

    The “Quirky Crate” makes Ikea’s knocked-together stuff look like Duncan Pfyfe or Hepplewhite originals. Those not overburdened by ethics can easily save 65 bucks and get a more durable, better-looking product by nicking some milk crates outside your friendly grocery and laying them on their sides.

  2. Do you still have the crates? I bought two to hold my LPs but can’t find any more. I’d buy them from you…

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