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Open Letter to The Observer

Before I begin, I must disclose that I was the Managing Editor for The Observer before leaving to found The Rock.

I generally refrain from written commentary on the actions of The Observer. My time there was crucial preparation for the formation of The Rock. While I remember my time there for the good and not the bad, I can’t help but shake my head at their recent letter to Father Leahy. url

In their last issue, The Observer wrote that, “this newspaper has a regrettably contentious relationship with the GLBTQ community on the Boston College campus, due in no small part to past articles and editorials which were lacking not only in tact, but also in Christian charity.” Many people, myself included, praised The Observer for taking a step forward toward the 21st century.

Actions speak louder than words however, even if the action comes in the form of printing the written word. The Observer has not followed through with its goal to better acquaint itself with the notion of Christian Charity. The Observer’s editorial regarding The Vagina Monologues proves that the paper has no intention of changing its ways.

This is rather shocking considering that The Observer shied away form coverage of the Monologues over the past few years. The saying “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all,” might not apply to journalism, but The Observer has exercised tact in the past and avoided controversy with regards to the annual performance of the Monologues.

The letter to Father Leahy is extremely misguided. It is naïve and foolish to think that the President of our university is not aware of the Monologues. His decision to allow them then does not mean that he wishes to ignore the intentions of the Catholic Church, but rather that he is aware that this is 2013 and the presence of the Monologues is indicative of a willingness to engage in discussion and understanding beyond one’s own firm beliefs.

As Chief of the Rock, and more importantly a Catholic student at Boston College, I implore The Observer to stop publishing articles like the editorial to Father Leahy. The apology to the GLBTQ community feels shallow when the organization chooses simply to refocus its efforts on another outdated cause. The Rock encourages The Observer to live and let live with regards to the Vagina Monologues.

Sincerely yours,

Ian Thomas Malone

A&S 13


The Rock at Boston College


  1. The Observer


    Thank you for your letter. I would wonder if you would be willing to meet and discuss our views on the Monologues. Just use the e-mail attached to this post.

    BC Observer

  2. Amen Chief! Live and let live. And long live the Vag-mons!!!

  3. I agree with Dr. Malone and Ms. Lewis. The key to a happy life in a heterogenous society is not unduly to fret over what other people are doing so long as they’re not spitting in your beer. The old maxim was “Sic utere tuo ut alienum non laedas.”

    If you don’t like toffee or rice pudding, don’t eat it. If you find (as I do) the vocabulary and ambiance of Starbucks boundlessly annoying (honestly, now, “a tall” for the smallest cup?) then do as I do: stick with Tim Horton’s in the Great White North or your neighbourhood coffee emporium. If you don’t like hunting, don’t hunt. If you don’t like the “Vagina Monologues” (and while I’ve never seen the show I suspect I might not find it interesting), don’t see it – – but at the same time don’t fuss as the people who want to.

    Though I regard myself as a loyal Papist and card-carrying conservative, too much time is spent by the putatively “religious” right wing engaging in vocal – often noisy – disapproval of others. Some great philosopher once remarked that Christianity is a great religion – – we should try it now and then.

    Oremus pro invicem.

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