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R.I.P. Bangkok Bistro

Having lived off campus for two years, I haven’t really embraced the dining halls since I returned to campus last semester. I still either eat out or make myself a concoction from Trader Joe’s almost every night. ¬†Upon returning from Christmas break, I learned that one of my dining options had gone out of business.bb
While the Bangkok Bistro was never a staple of my diet the way that Bluestone, Moogys, and Jim’s Deli have been, the restaurant was one of the few that I can say I’ve frequented for all four years of my BC career. It was the first place I went to with the people who would become my friends, roommates, and even a few writers here at The Rock. There aren’t many Thai places in my hometown, so Bangkok Bistro introduced me to a few dishes that I’ve enjoyed at other places.

Over the past year, it became fairly obvious that the Bangkok Bistro was not long for this world. The place was empty or near empty almost every time I picked up take-out from them. The food was as consistent as ever, which makes its closure somewhat mysterious.

I’ll miss the Bangkok Bistro. I ordered their food pretty infrequently during my years as an upperclassmen, but its closure represents something larger. If and when I return to the Heights many years from now, Cleveland Circle will be a different place than I remember. While that’s certainly to be expected, it’s a little unsettling that the change is coming before I’ve even left.

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