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The Rock Celebrates Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day isn’t the most popular holiday at BC. Given that we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and Marathon Monday like no other, this shouldn’t be considered a big issue. For a school with so few relationships, we at The Rock decided to do things a little differently for our group article.

The topic for this group article is “Least Favorite Thing About Valentine’s Day.” This article is not meant to put a damper on those of you struck by cupid’s arrow but rather those of you who will be spending the Hallmark holiday with friends rather than a significant other. Don’t worry, it’s not a big deal.

Christian Petro – My least favorite thing about valentines day is the amount of chocolate most of us eat. I pretty much feel disgusting afterwards or just end up breaking out.

Jacob McEwen – There are honestly two legitimate reasons to hate Valentine’s Day: its the corporate hijacking of a minor Catholic feast day that had nothing to do with love, and it raises the mean price of candy.

Maura Naughton -I found the disaster film Valentine’s Day, to be an affront to the human psyche. You’ll never beat Love Actually, America, accept it and move on.

Danielle Dybbro – I loved Valentine’s Day when I was in elementary school because it was mandatory that you give a card and candy to every single person in your class. Which meant that I received 30+ pieces of candy. For free!! From kids I wasn’t necessarily friends with!! But now, those cheesy cards don’t receive the same respect as they once did. Last year I gave out 30 cards and candies to people I deemed worthy, but I maybe got 5 in return. Where is the love, BC? And I mean that in the most platonic way possible.

Christian Montalvo – Feeling like I have to do something expensive.

Meagan McCarthy – I admit that I’m a big fan of Valentine’s Day. However, my least favorite part about the holiday is how it makes single people feel. While I don’t mind being single on February 14th, I know that some people feel particularly alone and upset if they don’t have a “valentine” to share it with. I don’t mind the candy, the flowers, or the dates – I think it’s wonderful that we celebrate love even though it has become very commercialized – but it’s unfortunate that a day so focused on love can make so many people feel unloved simply because they aren’t in a relationship on one particular day of the year.

Liz Faris – I used to hate the anonymous “special” Valentines certain people would give out back in elementary school. I’m that freak that wants to know everything so my friends and I would spend hours trying to analyzing handwriting samples compared to the stock valentines that you had to give to everyone. Luckily, the kid who gave me an anonymous one in second grade had a really chatty mom who thought we would be cute together. I know it was you, Mark Patton.

Jamie Spagnuolo – My least favorite thing about Valentine’s Day is cupid. A full grown man wearing nothing but diaper who runs around shooting innocent people with arrows has to win the award for the scariest holiday mascot. Also, red and pink clash. They will never look good together.

Jessica Yoon – individuals for whom being single is a source of great unhappiness, but who act in ways that actually prevent the possibility of their entering into a relationship even as they vocalize their complaints on this one day of the year, which is much like any other.

Cartoon by Suzanne Severance
Cartoon by Suzanne Severance

Ian Thomas Malone – Those stupid candies with the phrases like “be mine” on them. They taste disgusting. Is there anything romantic about giving someone mediocre candy. If a girl wants the keys to my heart, I better get a Fun Dip.

Kate Lewis – One time, I spent Valentine’s Day at a bar mitzvah in New Jersey, and it was miserable. Valentine’s Day and New Jersey are tied for the worst things ever.

Conor Naughton – Whitman’s Sampler doesn’t come with enough caramels. No one likes cherry cordial.

Ariana Joharjian – My least favorite part about Valentine’s Day is that people think it’s the only time to show that you love them.

Chris Sax – In elementary school everyone used to pass Valentine’s to everyone in the class, as I’m sure most of you did. In 4th grade on girl forgot me and I was pissed. Still am. It’s a sensitive subject.

Juliette San Fillipo -My least favorite thing about Valentine’s Day would have to be when people give you a Hallmark card or any kind of store-bought card with writing already in it (I’m talking those cards with dramatic paragraphs written inside, usually in some tacky kind of script or cursive). Valentine’s Day is about sharing the love in your life with those who are special to you – why not take this one, single day out of the year to actually say it yourself? It’s absolutely hard to articulate, and oftentimes comes out hackneyed — but it feels strange to have some unknown card-writer tell you how your significant other/spouse/whoever feels about you. To me, conjuring up the strange, complex feelings of love inside you in order to write them down for your person is a lot more productive of a gesture than getting off the couch to go to the card aisle at CVS.


  1. What I hate most about Valentines Day is when my wife of almost 23 years says, “Please don’t get me anything for Valentines Day….it’s a ‘Hallmark Holiday’……” And then when I don’t get her anything, she says, “Really? You got me nothing? Nothing????? Geez – thanks…..” So, when you young fellas hear this from your significant other, remember the lesson learned from our good friend Admiral Akbar: “It’s a TRAP!”

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