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It’s the End of My World As I Know It (and I Feel Fine)

Today in my philosophy class, my professor spoke to us about the cold hard truth that while kids may be told that they can do anything that they want to, that’s largely false. While the window for those of us who want to be professional athletes or astrophysicists may have closed, my ambitions are largely intact. As a second semester senior, this question hit a little closer to home than I would have liked.

I’ve learned that job applications and internships are difficult for me since I’m not really sure what my next move is in the game of life. I’ve been waiting to hear back from an agency on my book for a couple weeks and I’ve always thought that the success of that will play a somewhat important role in my serious aspirations to become a writer. But the truth is, that probably won’t be resolved until after graduation and by then I need a more concrete plan. IMG_6301

I knew that I didn’t want to go to graduate school right after college. I’m seriously considering both law school and applying for my masters in English with hopes of getting into a PhD program. That’s a big and costly decision that I am not prepared to make at this moment and I’m okay with that. I think I will like a little bit of the real world to appreciate school in a different way.

The truth is, I’m pretty open to whatever comes my way in terms of jobs. I know that whatever comes next doesn’t have to be my permanent profession, but I also haven’t had to think about it in the same way that a CSOM or a nursing student would. I spent my past three summers taking a method acting program, writing two books (first one is a mess), and getting certified in yoga. My only income came from part time lifeguarding and a few other odd jobs but I spent that time in pursuit of my passions. I suppose that was career preparation.

The other reason I’m not really worried is that I’m fairly satisfied with my time here at BC. My two big goals were to become a yoga teacher and become Editor in Chief of a publication. While I took the latter in an unorthodox manner, I’m not going to leave BC in May with any big regrets (depending on whether or not I choose to study in Bapst for the first time).

Just because there might be a time where I can’t do what I want could become true doesn’t mean that it’s true now. I feel like I have grown up quite a bit in my four years at BC. The uncertainly of my future will not accept the comfort of my present. Namaste.

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