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The Celebrity Apprentice All Stars Three Episodes In

Last season of The Celebrity Apprentice really emphasized the one rule of the show; there are no rules. This was shown in the form of Arsenio Hall’s victory over the superior performer Clay Aiken. Trump rather correctly assumed that Hall could see a career revival similar to Piers Morgan, which Trump could take credit for. Trump continued his reign of nepotism by firing past winner Bret Michaels simply for returning to play the game.All-Star Celebrity Apprentice - Season 13

Putting aside Trump’s disregard for any shred of integrity, this season has been excellent thus far. Imprisoned Governor Rod Blagojevich is missed, but none of the contestants have disappointed. Even the toned back Gary Busey and sober Dennis Rodman have been just as enjoyable, if not more, than their original seasons. I expressed concern over the absence of most of the show’s most memorable female players before the start of the season, but that hasn’t appeared to be a problem.

Despite the presence of an “All Star” cast, there’s not really a solid front-runner besides season one runner up Trace Adkins. He’s clearly a smarter player than he was the first time around, but I’m not sure he has what it takes to make it to the finish line. He already raised over half a million for the Red Cross and he flew under the radar for the majority of season one.

The most disturbing part of the show is rather unsurprisingly, Omarosa. Reality TV’s biggest villainous swine suffered a devastating loss when her fiancĂ©, actor Michael Clarke Duncan, passed away suddenly shortly before the show’s premiere. Omarosa has staged several crying fits that included no tears and drew the suspicion of everyone on the show, including Trump. While I despise Omarosa greatly, I can draw no pleasure by the exploitation of Duncan’s death by her and her fellow cast members.

I’m not sure that this season can top season four, my personal favorite (which included All Stars Busey, Lil Jon, Lisa Rinna, and LaToya Jackson), but its made for quality trash television. It will be interesting to see who advances, some by merit and some by Trump’s seemingly random behavior. Hopefully the finals will have both Busey and Rodman. Vodka and cranberry + Omaha steak kites = best finale ever.

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