I Wrote a Poem About the Hot Tub

Warm Springs

It’s clearly better than a sauna,
Some might even go as far as nirvana

Deep within the decrepit structure,OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Lies a paradise for all to enjoy.
The warm water, the vast serenity.
An indented pit of pleasure,
No separation of the girls and boys.
Free from all, the calamity.

Just after yoga, I hear its call
As the Fellowship entered Moria,
To seek its peaceful harmony.
The gate is closed, my vibes downfall
“You shall not pass,” no such euphoria.
Is no chlorine such a great felony?

In two months time, I say goodbye
To a place few students even know;
BC’s small version of a country club.
The time soon comes, the end is nigh.
I’ll remember the place I used to go,
To embrace levity; the plex hot tub.

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  1. The Colonel

    As a fellow lover of the tub, I applaud loudly.

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