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~ Confessions of a Hillside Employee ~

Hi Eagles, so I’ve been working at Hillside for a little over three months, and let me tell you, it has been for the most part an absolute dream. On my first day of work, I was handed a sleek black t-shirt with the words “Feed Your Mind” printed on the back. I was irrevocably excited about my new shirt, but I did NOT understand what its slogan meant. “How can I wear this incredible t-shirt,” I asked myself aloud, “when I have no idea how to feed my mind?”

As you can imagine, I was terribly self-conscious and disoriented my first few weeks at Hillside. Not knowing how to feed my mind made it hard for me to both think and take orders at the same time. “ONLY IF YOU’RE A PRACTICING CHRISTIAN,” I’d blurt out when asked if I could make the Boston Beef on gluten-free bread. “Endangered lizards,” I’d whisper when asked what was in the Back Bay sauce. url-4

Each shift was like a snow globe of emotions and coming of age novels. It felt like everyone was looking right through my curious green eyes to the part of me that didn’t know how to feed my mind. So while I was learning many incredible things about sandwiches, I couldn’t help but feeling like an imposter. Who was I to ask my clients if they want chips or a pickle when I couldn’t ask MYSELF if I deserved to be wearing this sleek black t-shirt??

One day, as I was wielding the panini knife, I overheard one of my clients singing to himself near the soup cauldron. “Freeee your mind,” he sang in an immaculate falsetto. It was then that it hit me. The t-shirt slogan was a reference to a song by the American all-female R&B group En Vogue!!

“Free your mind and the rest will follow / Be color blind, don’t be so shallow.”

Well, I certainly felt ~ shallow ~ that it took me three months to figure out what it really means to feed your mind. But when I think back to those dark times, I don’t regret it. It’s kind of like that time I accidentally took ecstasy at a Sarah McLaughlin concert – you live and you learn 😉 I have a beautiful job at Hillside, a beautiful family, and a beautiful t-shirt that I understand inside and out. What more could I ask for?

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