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Is Shake Shack Worth the Buzz?

The lines at the Shake Shack in Chestnut Hill have not gone away despite the fact that the new location of the chain fast food joint opened more than two weeks ago. This surprised me as I visited the restaurant before grocery shopping. While I wasn’t pleased about waiting more than twenty minutes for a burger, fries, and a shake, I wasn’t disappointed either.

This shouldn’t come as a big surprise to anyone, but the shakes at the Shake Shack are out of this world. While waiting in line, a server brought out samples of their custard, which was lusciously flavorful. I’m no foodie and I felt no desire to take a picture of said meal, but I imagine I might have if my mind was prone to flooding Instagram with those kinds of things.url-1

I ordered a double cheeseburger, which was delicious. The sauce wasn’t quite to the standard of In N Out’s spread, or even McDonald’s special sauce for that matter, but it was solid. The cheese fries were skimpy on the cheese, but the fries themselves were some of the best I’ve had in a long time.

The Shake Shack also has a variety of alcoholic beverages. I opted for a milkshake instead, but I like the vibe that this establishment protrudes. I saw some people opt for both, which was certainly an interesting choice.

The Shake Shack was not without some flaws. The line was understandable to an extent given its recent opening. However, there were at least twenty workers and for a time only one of them was working the register. The management should take lessons from McDonalds in terms of efficiency and not the DMV.

The price is also fairly steep for what you’re getting. My order totaled about seventeen dollars. It was gourmet fast food, but fast food nonetheless. The hype surrounding the place mean that these prices don’t have to come down, but they will prevent me from rushing back there.

The Shake Shack is worth a visit. The food is excellent and it’s right next to a Lululemon if you’re in the market for some sheer yoga pants to go with your custard. The place is an experience in every definition of the word.

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  1. The Colonel

    Dr Malone poses an interesting question, which in its broader form can be almost metaphysical in scope, viz., “Is [insert name, performance, beverage, restaurant, movie, etc] WORTH THE BUZZ?” I suggest that the answer is almost always “No.” “Buzz” is generally associated with Lyndsay Lohan’s driving misdemeanors, Justin Bieber’s drug use, annoying ‘clubs’ with velvet ropes and steroid-freak bouncers deciding on admission policies, self-generated political attention-attraction, crappy movies with no plot, poor acting and constant explosions and car crashes, and ‘celebrity’ memoirs ghost-written for illiterates.
    Just a thought…………..

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