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Support Cage Free Eggs at BC

My name is Kat Kavner and I’m the president of Real Food BC. Our mission on campus is to get more sustainable, fairly-traded, local, healthy food in the dining halls as well as to provide education to students on the benefits of eating real. We also run the Organic Garden on Brighton Campus, which is sleeping for the winter now, but will be up and running once the weather warms up. Real Food has had some big wins in the past, like putting in Addie’s Loft, which features healthy, local foods, and getting fair-trade coffee in all of our dining halls.url-5

Our current petition centers on where we source our eggs. As a bit of background information, caged eggs come from birds who spend their entire lives in cages which, at 67 square inches, are smaller than the size of a piece of printer paper. Needless to say, raising birds like this is inhumane, dangerous for human health, and unsustainable. Cage-free means that the birds will be able to walk around, spread their wings, and lay eggs in a nest – even though they may still spend their lives inside and cramped among other birds. It isn’t perfect, but it is certainly a step in the right direction.

Right now, BC’s shelled eggs are cage-free, but the liquid eggs are not. Liquid eggs are the ones used in the omelet bar, and make up a majority of the eggs used in the dining hall. A grad student by the name of Liz Tov met with BC Dining about making the switch and approached Real Food about supporting the cause. When inquiring about how to make the change, Liz was told that student support is the first important step. To make any change, the BC administration needs to see that students care and are behind the initiative, so we got together and started the Facebook petition as an easy way for students to show their support.

This is a change that virtually every other college and university in the Boston area has made, so it is well within our capability. We want to see BC make the change to show that we care about the ethics and humanity of our food. We want to stay true to BC’s Jesuit mission, and be good stewards to our Earth. To show your support for this cause, all you have to do is hit “like” on our Facebook page. As college students, we have the unique ability to make big changes by raising our voices. Stand up for making a change towards a more ethical and humane Boston College! If we raise enough awareness and support, we could have entirely cage-free eggs by the fall.


Thank you!
Kat Kavner
CSOM Class of 2014

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