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A Breakdown of the Wings Over Brookline Sauces

Wings Over Brookline has been a staple in my diet ever since my sophomore year. The wings are simply marvelous and the delivery is usually pretty quick unless you’re ordering during a Patriots game. Those coupons books they hand out at the bookstore contain five dollars off at WoB, one of the few deals in there worth using.

Wings Over Brookline has 18 sauces. Some of them are awesome, some not so much. I’ve tried them all and I’ll do my best to give some honest feedback on which ones to try. I like my wings hot, but I can appreciate a fine tasting wing that’s not packing heat. url-2

Note: There will be no scale for these ratings. An A or B+ on my scale means nothing to you the reader. I’ll say if I liked them or not, that shall be good enough.

Bar-B-Que: Not bad, but basic. If you’re a big fan of white bread and cheese pizza, feel free to give this one a try. If you’re looking for a bit more character, let us carry on.

Honey Bar-B-Que: A favorite of people who don’t enjoy the spicier sauces. The flavor is certainly there. If you’ve got a date, this one should be a go to.

Kickin’Bar-B-Que: Kickin is hot, but doable. If you’ve been to Buffalo Wild Wings, it’s worth noting that it’s not as bad as Blazin. The taste is solid and not too different from the basic Bar-B-Que.

Teriyaki: Disregard and move to Spicy Teriyaki or Cajun Teriyaki if you like teriyaki wings. This flavor does not inspire much

Spicy Teriyaki: Again, not too spicy, but flavorful. This isn’t one of my go-to, but it’s a good wing.

Honey Mustard: No. No. No. If you want honey mustard on your chicken wings, buy some at the store. This might be my least favorite of the wings.

Garlic Parmesan: No again. The garlic is overpowering. Unless you’re looking to fend off vampires, avoid this one.

Jamaican Jerk: One of my go-to’s. The jerk flavor is delicious. The heat level could be a bit higher, but this is one of WoB’s best offerings. Definitely try this one if you’re a first timer.

Hot Garlic: Hotter than Garlic Parmesan so by definition better. I wouldn’t recommend this one either though. I don’t think garlic and wings are a match made in heaven.

Cajun Blackened: I get this one quite a bit. This wing is a bit of a drier rub than some would like, but you won’t be sorry. The flavor is most definitely there.

West Texas Mesquite: Would’ve preferred a more central Texas based sauce (I kid), but this one is an underrated sauce.

Golden Bar-B-Que: A favorite of my roommate. This sauce is sweet and you get quite a bit of it smothered on each wing. This one is quite appealing to the masses and you really can’t go wrong with it.

Sweet Chili: I get this one second most often only to Jamaican Jerk. The chili could be a bit hotter, but it’s sweet and drenched in the tangy sauce. If you’re ordering for the first time, definitely get this one.

Cajun Teriyaki: This one is my favorite of the teriyaki-based sauces, though as you can probably see I enjoy the Cajun ones. The balance of Cajun infused teriyaki is very pleasant and not too spicy.

Cajun Bar-B-Que: Another of my favorites. This is one of the hotter sauces that WoB offers. That said; it’s not as hot as I’d like. The flavor makes up for it, but if you’re looking for a kick, this is where you’ll find it.

Sweet Onion Bar-B-Que: This sauce is all right. The onion is kind of overpowering and I enjoy onions more than the next person (unless that person is Shrek). Proceed with caution.

Mustang Ranch: No. No. No. Just like Honey Mustard, simply dip your wing in Ranch if that’s what you want. Except unlike the honey mustard, they’ll actually give you ranch.

Citrus Chipotle: This sauce isn’t one of my favorites. It’s not as sweet or flavorful as Sweet Chili, so there isn’t much point to it.

Hopefully that gives you a spread of what to expect from each wing. If anything else, you now know which stinkers to avoid. WoB also lets you order all drumsticks or all wings, though they’d prefer you didn’t know that. Enjoy!

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