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Arts Festival Highlights

fileCelebrating their 15th year of the Arts Festival, the Arts Council and the amazing workshop operated by Mark Cooper have constructed this giant wooden 15 sculpture. In typical Arts Festival fashion, they invite all students to make their mark the piece until it is completely covered in paint. Since it was hauled over from the Connolly House on Wednesday and sitting out in the sun all last week, the living work of art has already gotten some color from students enjoying the Spring weather. The Dance Organization of Boston College, promoting their slot this year’s festival wrote, “I <3 DOBC”; some nostalgic students from the class of 2013 showed their support by tagging, “Seniors <3 Arts Fest”; even Bob Ross, the legendary PBS hippy painter, found his way onto the piece. The sculpture is not only a great way to encourage students to express themselves, but also an excellent start to this year’s Arts Festival.

Given that it’s such a big year, the Arts Fest itself has also gotten bigger. They have expanded across all of middle campus, from O’Neill Plaza all the way to Stokes lawn. With more space, comes even more programming.  BC’s Best will be Thursday night featuring the three winners from Battle of the Bands, Bobnoxious & the Master Craftsmen, Jimmy and the Gooch, and Lucid Soul. The top 4 singersongwriters from their preliminary event will be performing during the first half of the show. Also on Thursday, the documentary, Chasing Ice, will have an exclusive screening in Devlin 008, which follows BC alum and arctic photographer James Blalog ’74. On Friday night at 9pm,  the festival will feature a night of underrepresented arts called “BC Underground”, which will be a collaborative night to showcase art forms that historically have not been involved in the festival, including EDM, break dancing, spoken word poetry, ending the night with a slew of DJ’s spinning until 11pm. After having year off, the Arts Fest Fashion Show is back and will also feature some of BC’s Slam Poets. During the afternoon on Friday, the Arts Council Award Ceremony is also taking place. This year’s award winner is writer Robert Polito. Show your support by enjoying some of the free deserts.

The Arts Council is very proud to be celebrating their 15th birthday and would like to invite all students to help them commend this epic milestone by expressing themselves on their 15 Sculpture. If you’re on your way to McElroy or Stokes, headed back to Upper, or even just enjoying the Spring weather, definitely stop by their 15 sculpture and throw up your favorite in class doodle, show your support for the student and faculty artists performing in this year’s Arts Festival, or if you’re not too artsy just embellish someone else’s work. We look forward to this year’s Arts Festival as it debuts this Thursday. If you’re looking to get involved, contact the Arts Council at festvol@bc.edu!

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