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Signing Off

Before I dive into the mushy stuff, I just wanted to clarify that this is not my last article. Being a second semester senior and an English major, finals would not be as bearable without some recreational writing. There won’t be a “last article” either. Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood didn’t have a finale so neither will I. There are some things that should be said before I step down as Chief of The Rock.

This is actually the second time I am stepping aside. As many of you may remember, I handed over the reigns to Christian Montalvo last January when I went abroad to Australia. Unfortunately I managed to graduate on time so this is it for my time at The Rock. 407205_345406455480492_269399319747873_1129743_1046134178_n-286x300

Our goal for this year at The Rock was to get younger. Most of our founding staff are juniors so we didn’t lose many writers to graduation last year. Once the decision was made to have The Rock stay behind once we had moved on, we began to recruit writers last January in places that weren’t Moogy’s or house parties.

We owe a great debt of gratitude to the Physics department for our recruitment success. The Physics department backed The Rock’s quest to acquire a table at Student Activities Day. The Rock has always maintained a deep reverence for science and we are proud to call Physics our home.

On behalf of The Rock, I’d also like to thank BC Streak for its support of our little engine that could. If year one was about building the house, year two was about getting people to come visit. BC Streak’s daily e-mail has been a major source of publicity for The Rock.

The Rock has always prided itself on the minimal time commitments that we ask of our writers. For a year and a half now, we’ve been lucky to have an editing staff, headed by Chris Harlem, to help us catch some of the mistakes that slip through the cracks caused by a lack of formal meetings. Our editing staff has also given us a sense of legitimacy that sets us apart from many online publications. Thank you to Liz Faris, Katherine Bildsten, Josh Ghofrani, Kaitlin Astrella, Christopher Kabacinski, Doyle Calhoun, Evelyn Garrity, Julie Biegner, Meagan McCarthy, Kate Lewis, and next year’s Executive Editor Christian Petro for all your hard work this semester.

On a personal note, I’d like to thank my parents for putting up the cash required to get The Rock off the ground and for not telling me I was an idiot for leaving The Observer to start my own publication. My grandfather, The Colonel, deserves some recognition for his contributions on the commenting front over the past two years. It is often said that you haven’t made it at The Rock until The Colonel comments on one of your articles. I hope that will continue for years to come.

I hand The Rock over to Meagan McCarthy, who was one of our first recruits from outside our friend circle last January. Meagan is a standout talent in many ways, perhaps most important her excellent organization (Meagan was responsible for our first formal list serve) compared to my own. I have full confidence that she, along with Kate Lewis in an increased role, will usher in the new era of The Rock.

The Rock has largely been run as we’ve gone along. I can’t tell you what The Rock will be like next year anymore than I could tell you what we’re going to write about next week. I can tell you that The Rock will remain dedicated to its mission of serving as the voice of BC by providing the community with interesting and thought provoking articles. The future will be determined by the youth and we’ve got a great young core in place.

This article will be our 430th. Sixty-two people have contributed to The Rock in some capacity. For an organization that’s only two years old and started by a couple kids who had no idea what we were doing, I’d say that’s not too shabby.

As I look back at my time at BC, I’m filled with joy far more than any other emotion (might come as a shocker to some considering my long running feature Bothered). While I’ve been involved in other organizations, The Rock will stand out as the strongest contribution to this community. If you told freshman year me that I’d start my own paper, have hair down my back, and be a yoga instructor, I would have laughed.

I thank each and every one of you for being involved with The Rock. Whether you wrote an article, read one, or edited one, I am deeply touched by the positive reception to this website. Each and every time I saw someone looking at The Rock in class or when someone stopped my on campus to say they enjoyed an article, I lit up in a fashion that never grew old.

To quote The Who, “I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution, take a bow for the new revolution.” It has been my pleasure and privilege to have the opportunity to write for you. Each moment was a blessing and I wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you especially to the people who read through this long article. I try to be to the point, but this point took a little longer to say. I hope you’ll keep up with both The Rock and my future writing career, wherever that may be.




  1. The future is a bright and exciting one for both Ian and The Rock. I look forward to seeing both prosper.

  2. The Colonel

    I gratefully doff my own helmet in salute to favourite grandson (and sometime hunting buddy, fellow Toronto Blue Jay’s/Argos spectator and traveling companion) Ian’s touching valedictory. He started a fine on-line feuilleton which I have enjoyed reading, and I am sure it will continue in the same spirit of fair (but never mean-spirited) commentary pro and con on matters of interest to its community.

    Liberal arts students of my vintage in Jesuit schools were flogged into many years of Latin (with a Hobson’s Choice of Greek or Math besides – – I naturally chose Greek because any math issue beyond what I can compute on my digits is a problem for me), so I will close my career as Rock commentator in that learned tongue – – just to show off that I remember something from those years:
    Ave atque vale, et
    The Colonel

  3. Congratulations, Ian, on a job particularly well done – you’ve much to be proud of — and even more to look forward to. The world is full of people who never take that chance – and you are certainly not one of them. In the words of the great, great Neil Peart, “Lady Luck is golden;
    She favors the bold.” She certainly does.

  4. J. Eric Wise

    Is the world ready for this great master of the importance of the mundane and the novelty of everything if just observed from the right angle? It’s been great reading your pieces over the past year, and I hope that there’s more to come after the Rock, or I’ll be left, in the words of Van Halen, with the thought “Where have all the good times gone.”

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