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To Be a Freshman (Again)

A thought occurred to me the other day during class in a building I had grown accustomed to over the past four years: I’ll be a freshman again next year. For many that reach this point, school appears to have been a vicious cycle of beginning from the bottom, working our way to the top, and falling down the ladder of respectability once more. We leave middle school as tough 8th graders who believe they are the greatest and enter high school as measly freshmen who haven’t a clue. We leave high school as seniors who believe they know what to do with their lives and enter college as freshmen who know so little about who they are in the world.BC

As I begin this transition from senior to freshman, I realized that one thing has consistently changed throughout all of these transitions: the futures to which we aspire. In 8th grade, you look to high school as the next step and in high school you look to college, but the only thing that follows college is life. By far, the most daunting future I can imagine looking forward to is the “real world”.

Despite my hesitation in taking this next step to becoming a freshman once more, I know I couldn’t imagine taking this step without the BC community. I’m entering college with the high school Class of 2013 and graduating with the Boston College Class of 2017. We will be together through everything and exposed to so many new experiences and perspectives throughout our time here. All I can say is that while the future we look to may be formidable, it is by far the most exciting and promising one to date. So let’s live these next four years to the fullest because we are the Class of 2017; we are BC.

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