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Apps that Rock: Socii

Recently, I’ve been on a social media kick. Any mildly interesting event warrants a tweet with a few clever hashtags (or so I hope), while any trip more than a mile away from my house results in a check-in on Four Square. An outing to J.P. Licks for ice cream obligates me to post a picture on Instagram with #yum, which prompts at least a few likes from followers. Lucky for me, and for those of you nodding along as you read this, there is an app that provides us with free rewards for doing these things. With the tagline “Get Free Stuff for Doing Fun Things”, how can you resist from downloading Socii?

Rock socii

Socii was created by three college grads who wanted to design an app that would help local businesses advertise and generate word of mouth business by providing clients with some type of reward.  As co-founder Victor Dweck explains, Socii was created with a few basic facts in mind: “1. Every business wants word of mouth advertising, but there is no system for predictably generating it. A business can only hope it gets talked about. 2. People love talking about their favorite businesses. 3. People love being appreciated.”

So, how does it work? Socii is simple: every time you go into one of the affiliated businesses, you can tweet about it, Instagram a picture of your food, update your Facebook status, or check in on Four Square. As soon as you use some type of social media promoting the business – and let’s be honest, don’t we all love posting pictures and tweets about food? – you earn points that will earn you free things.  Rewards range from a free ice cream or iced coffee to free fries, depending on the location.

The success of Socii thus far has been impressive, resulting in great publicity for the businesses it features.  For example, Socii “increased JP Lick’s Facebook Reach by 225% and Twitter follower count by 75% in 10 weeks, which were a result of 1,000 social activities completed by customers in 10 weeks,” according to Dweck. Frankly, it’s a win-win situation. The interesting and effective part is that the social media activities appear on the customers’ pages rather than the businesses’ pages, therefore attracting a new crowd of customers.

Since the app is still relatively new, it is constantly adding new businesses with which you can partner and earn rewards.  Presently, the following are connected with Socii: Max Brenner, Thinking Cup, Rami’s, Crazy Dough’s Pizza, J.P. Licks, Robin’s Candy, Chocolate Therapy, Finale Desserts, Wichit, Tropical Foods, Crema Cafe, City Feed & Supply, and Tasty Burger. So, why wait? To give Socii a try, download it for free from the iTunes app store.

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