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The Great Freshman Housing Debate: Newton Campus

Today marks a highly anticipated moment in every BC student’s life: the announcement of freshman housing assignments.  To assuage the concerns of the new freshmen, Rock staffers Kate (formerly of Fenwick 2 on Upper) and Meagan (from Hardey 3 on Newton) has assembled a list of the best things–and some drawbacks–about both freshman areas.  Remember–Upper or Newton, we are all BC!

Ten Reasons Why Newton is Great

1. Community. Maybe it’s the distance from campus or the smaller population of students, but I’ve never felt a stronger sense of community than I did on Newton.  I spent my first weekend at BC getting crepes in Coolidge Corner with all of my Hardey 3 floormates and our RA. We bonded over decorating our floor with the most elaborate Christmas decorations, determined to win a competition against Cushing 2.  Even for Newton as a whole, I still recognize faces from people in other dorms that I remember seeing in Stuart or on the bus. At the end of the day, you really feel like you’re going back home when you hop on the bus.

2. Stuart Dining Hall. Ask anyone, Stuart is the best. With Hillside-style sandwiches and frips as well as the specialty coffee station that comes off of your normal meal plan, you can’t go wrong. Also, with the smaller dining space it feels a bit more cozy than other dining halls on campus.

3. The bus. I’ll admit that I detested the Newton bus – I either waited forever for it or ran after it on a daily basis – but it actually isn’t the worst. At the beginning of the semester, everyone is overwhelmingly friendly and apt to strike up a conversation on the bus. On weekends, you’re guaranteed to have a bus sing-along at 2am.227530_1844373109409_7258834_n

4. Living Learning community classes. If you enroll in these courses, some of BC’s best professors will hold classes on Newton campus. After orientation, every student is eager to take a class with Kerry Cronin and this is a great opportunity to do so.

5. No stairs. Even if you’re in great shape, the stairs to Upper will inevitably leave you winded. The Duchesne hill is a struggle, but it’s much more bearable than the Upper stairs.

6. You’re all freshmen. On Newton, you’ll never make the mistake of enthusiastically introducing yourself to someone in the dining hall and realizing that they’re actually a sophomore living on CoRo or a senior stopping in McElroy for dinner. You’ll be able to pick out the law students (they’re the ones wearing business casual and looking miserable), so you know everyone else is a freshman.

7. Newton Prom. This is one event that everyone looks forward to every year. Students on Upper can go too, but they don’t have their own prom.

8. Better rooms. The rooms are a bit bigger than most on Upper, and when you’re living in a double, every inch counts. More importantly, there are no forced triples on Newton.

9. Newton Centre. From Newton campus, the walk to Newton Centre is .8 of a mile compared to 1.3 miles from Upper. Not a huge difference, but if you’re lugging along a laptop to do homework at Panera, you’ll want the shorter walk.

10. You’re at BC.  No matter where you’re living, you are about to experience the best four years of your life. It’s clichéd, but it’s accurate.

And the drawbacks…

1. The Quonset Hut. While it’s nice to have a gym on Newton and there are group classes offered, the Quonset Hut isn’t exactly the nicest facility. You’re probably better off taking the bus or running to the Plex.

2. The bus. Of course it’s great for meeting people, but those extra fifteen minutes of sleep are precious. Be sure to download the Transloc app and plan ahead on weekends when the buses run less frequently.

3. No library. While the law students have a great library, undergrads aren’t allowed in. You’ll have to make the trip to Bapst or O’Neill if you want to study at a library. Fortunately, the study lounges in the dorms are great and usually quiet.

4. Marathon Monday. It’s only one day out of the year, but the buses don’t run. You either have to sleep on main campus or walk there in the morning, neither of which is an ideal option. Regardless, it is still one of the best days of the year.

5. Weather. When there’s a 30% chance of rain in the forecast, you’ll head to class in rainboots and a brightly colored raincoat. Sometimes, though, it’ll turn sunny by noon and you can’t go back to your dorm and change. Maybe it’s just me, but nothing is more embarrassing than being the only person in full rain gear on a sunny day. Blame it on Newton.


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