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Definitions: A Judgment on Judging

We have always been told not to judge a book by its cover. Whether it was refusing to play with the girl wearing glasses during recess, or not wanting to work with the guy with the not-so-hidden acne in sophomore history class, it has always been, and always will be, a prevalent part of our society. But if we shouldn’t judge people on how they look, how are we supposed to form opinions on them? The answer: through the choices they make. The choices you make each day affect the way people view you, and each day the way you view others is determined by their actions. You may try to keep an open mind and never judge people, but no one can un-see something, just like no one can undo something.

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I have noticed very often that people are judged more for their facial features and body types than for the choices they make each day. For example, the pretty, slender blonde that you admire everyday—she has no respect for herself or for others, and bullies people into getting what she wants. The tall, buff football player that you joke with your friends about, saying he only got into college because he can play one sport—he’s actually a polisci and econ double major with a 3.9 GPA. How someone looks does not give an insight into their life. Despite the fact that many stereotypes are based on the truth, it’s still necessary to give others time to prove their stereotype wrong. Sure, maybe the big football player really does only have one talent (football), but what if you’re wrong? You could miss making a friend, someone who could potentially change your life. And for a what? A silly little joke with your buddies that was never really all that funny anyway?

People tell me often that I’m judgmental, but I’m always careful to remind them that I form opinions based on what others say and do. Respect for yourself and others goes a long way in my book, as do honesty and humility. I’m sad that I live in a world that doesn’t value those qualities as much as they deserve. Instead, a person’s skin tone and perfect smile make them worth something. Watch out society, before we completely lose our appreciation for the qualities that truly define a person.

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