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Music You Oughta Know: Bastille

“Eh eh oh, eh oh, eh eh oh, eh oh…”

 The first time I heard the infectious tune “Pompeii” by Bastille, I got shivers down my spine as I drove the large white van loaded with 11 people on a dark 2-lane highway halfway between the deserts of Reno, Nevada and the pine forests of Quincy, California, a town an hour and a half north of Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. A week or two later, I borrowed my friend’s external hard drive to get the entire Bastille album onto my iPod, and in 3 weeks time I listened to “Pompeii” over 60 times.


Don’t even think for a moment that Bastille is a one-hit-wonder. Already released in the UK, Bad Blood is one of those rare albums that I find myself enjoying every single song. Bastille (styleized as B∆STILLE) is a quartet originally from London, with lead singer Dan Smith’s rich and sweeping vocals adding to the soaring instrumentals. Smith’s birthday is on July 14th, Bastille Day, which provided the inspiration for the band name.

For me, “Pompeii” and the rest of Bad Blood will forever be the song and album of Summer 2013. Every co-worker who experienced “Pompeii” at the same time as I did is still walking around humming the chorus. Every camper in my cabin that was forced to listen to Bad Blood over 20 times went home and downloaded anything by Bastille that they could find. This is my defining album of the summer, and will continue to be my album of the year, with all the memories and friends attached to every single song, but with some extra love and memories associated to “Pompeii.”

Bastille’s EP, Haunt, is currently available on iTunes, and Bad Blood drops in the US on September 3rd with 3 bonus tracks included. Below are included links to the studio version and live acoustic version of “Pompeii,” but don’t stop there. Dive in to the rest of Bad Blood and all that Bastille has to offer. You won’t be disappointed.

Pompeii (Studio Version)

Pompeii (Live & Acoustic)

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  1. let us get bastille to boston immediately.

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