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The Rock Staff Presents: The 2013 Club Special

Whether you’re new to BC or just looking to try a new activity, the Student Involvement Fair can be an overwhelming place.  Over 200 clubs and organizations come out to show what they’re all about and bring in new members, and all that enthusiasm can be daunting.  To make your lives easier, we’ve compiled a list of some on-campus activities that are worth checking out.  Here’s what our staff members had to say about their favorite clubs:

486546_484956091565624_1854879443_n“Three pitches in three sentences… 1) Appalachia Service Project throws around the phrase “Appa Love” a lot – do not ever underestimate how real that love is. 2) The women’s ultimate Frisbee team can quote Miracle and Pitch Perfect as often as they win tournaments – which is a LOT. 3) You walk into the BC Campus School as one person, spend an hour playing with your buddy, and leave a different person – like clockwork, like magic, every time.” – Melissa Warten ’16

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 12.09.11 AMBC Reads! is not a book club — seriously. Though we primarily read and review books (and edit reviews!), we also provide students with volunteer opportunities. We run book drives each semester and volunteer at St. Columbkille Partnership School. We also host creative reading nights where BC students and faculty share their work.” – Chris Kabacinski ‘16

5e81752d-e608-413f-9e3d-2191326a606b-m“After getting rejected from several service groups, I joined the Boston Scholar Athlete program. BSA has zones at 13 different Boston Public Schools where tutors like myself volunteer on a weekly basis.  Our goal is to help students with their schoolwork after school in order to raise their GPAs, ensuring that they’ll have a high enough GPA to participate in sports. I’ve been lucky enough to tutor at the Snowden International School on Newbury Street where I’ve built a great relationship with my on-site coordinator and many students.” – Meagan McCarthy ‘14

photo“I’m in one of BC’s improv groups, The Committee for Creative Enactments (CCE). We do a number of free improv shows each semester, as well as one scripted and interactive murder mystery comedy held in the old O’Connell House, with a charge of $5. A lot of effort is put into the murder mystery, but don’t worry: if you’re not into memorizing lines, you can get involved with the improv side of the club. Unlike some of the other groups, the CCE does not cut people who want to join. We focus on teaching and improving each member’s skills and confidence, all while laughing until we cry, of course!” – Danielle Dybbro ‘15

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 12.27.53 AM“I am a proud member of the Boston College Equestrian Team, which is a co-ed club sport. Yes, we exist! We ride English Hunter/Jumper—for those unfamiliar, it’s what you see in the Olympics and generally favored by yuppies everywhere—and have lessons once a week at Saddle Rowe Farms in Medway. Although we take riders of all levels, generally our members have some experience even if it’s in different styles of riding. Our team is usually around 30 members, a handful of whom compete in Intercollegiate Horse Shows against other schools in the Boston area! Happy Riding!” – Kristin McAlpin ‘14

Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 12.16.07 AM“I was in Hello Shovelhead for a semester as a freshman, and it was an unreal experience.  Even though I’m not in the group any more, I have Shovelhead to thank for helping me to find my voice, be confident and work with a team to create something off-beat and wonderful.  I’d encourage anyone who thinks they might be interested in the performing arts to go out on a limb and audition–it can be competitive, but you’ll never know what you’re capable of until you take the risk.” – Kate Lewis ’15

“Come one come all to the Mock Trial Club! We are a group of lawyers and witnesses who get together to argue a case which this year is about a robbery at a theme park. If you are interested in debate, acting, making new friends or being part of an amazing team, this is the place for you. Last year we enjoyed success by sending one of our teams to the Mock Trial National Tournament and we hope to grow this year with your help.” – Peter Donahue ’15

leftnav-imageOn-campus jobs are nice because they allow you to gain a sense of autonomy while replacing squandered Netflix time with lots of money. Most student jobs are pretty mindless, which is awesome, but you can also try to find work within a specific academic department to assist with research or something. I work at Hillside, so I get paid to hang out with sandwiches all day. Check out the Student Employment Page as soon as possible because a lot of the positions fill quickly.” – Jill Spisak ’15

“I was looking for a club with more hands-on activities which was not solely artistic or academic. I wanted to get out there and do something fun and challenging. What I found was the Outdoor Club of Boston College. This club plans such events as camping trips, hiking excursions,kayaking, nature walks, rock climbing, as well as workshops for anyone looking to become more acquainted with the outdoors. It’s open for anyone of any level to join and is one of the largest clubs on campus. Everyone will find something in the Outdoor Club.” – Christian Petro ’15

CIMG0451-700x525“I urge everybody to give Word of Mouth (WoM) a try. It’s a group unique to BC that has essentially defined my experience here. I won’t go into extensive detail about the club just now- come to WoM’s table at Student Activities Day and see for yourself what it’s all about!” – Erin Sutton ’16

2675_90576372760_6882922_nWZBC is an alternative radio station that is operated by Boston College students. Located in the bowels of McElroy behind the giant black door, WZBC broadcasts a wide variety of music throughout the greater Boston area. The station is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, and we’d love to have more students join us in carrying on its great legacy. If you’re interested in discovering awesome new music and gaining some radio broadcasting chops, come check us out!” – John McEnaney ‘15

These clubs will be represented at the Student Involvement fair on Friday, September 6 from 10 AM till 2 PM.  If you’re looking to get involved, Linden Lane is the place to be!  There’s something for everyone, so head on down and see what they have to offer!

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