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My Mother’s Fleabag Auditions: Laugh at Yourself

“Come in.” I never knew such a small phrase would cause my heart to pound and my brow to sweat so profusely as it did merely two years ago in the main chamber of the O’Connell house. There were at least twenty of us in line to be interviewed by one of the prominent comedy groups on campus, My Mother’s Fleabag. You know, the one Amy Poehler was in? Yeah, it is cool. Anyways, my friend and I had made a pact that both of us would try out no matter how much of an embarrassment it could possibly be and to support each other with whatever the results came to be. We entered the O’Connell house to see a crowd of people filling out forms. These sheets had questions such as, “If you were stranded on an island, what three things would you bring?” or “Which animal would you be an why?” The two of us filled out our sheets as cleverly as we could, funny in our heads but lame in reality, and she went in first as I closely stood by the door to try and make out the words spoken within. I heard only a few muffled laughs and giggles when suddenly there was a huge THUMP THUMP and the floor shook. Apparently she threw herself down, hard. Immediately I heard a roaring laughter from within the room and soon after the doorknob turned and I backed away as she exited with a huge grin on her face. There was no time to ask her what happened before behind the door came the syllables which caused me to panic inside, “Come in.” Let me tell you, I have never experienced such stage fright since playing the tree in “The Giving Tree” in first grade. Just imagine a seven year old in a tree costume crying and being totally embarrassed in front of his playground peers. The audience isn’t as much of a problem as being unsure of what to do and not being able to bear the awkwardness that arises.  Auditioning for Fleabag wasn’t the most daunting task, but if you know me you’ll agree that my humor cannot be called on command. Walking into the room almost seemed like a walk to my grave at the time. I had no ideas floating around to grab onto and no clue as to what they could possibly ask of me. After being introduced, one of the Fleabaggers was chosen to be my partner in a skit where they gave me a topic to act out with him. I was asked to be a dentist, so naturally I enter into character but nothing is really humorous. The most laughs I received throughout the audition were when they asked me to become a pirate but still be in character as the dentist. I immediately shouted, “This tooth be coming out now or never! Argh!” and the group let out a solid chuckle. Sadly, I did not make the cut. I’m not as comically gifted as the group, and my friend even made the second cut. It was nonetheless a great experience and I’m glad I overcame any fear that followed me into that room. If you can’t look back and laugh at something like this, what was the point of doing it? This year My Mother’s Fleabag holds their auditions yet again on the 9th and 10th of September from 8-11pm in the O’Connell house. Hopefully there will be even more interest in auditioning and they might find the funniest and most talented students on campus to join their ranks. All of the members of Fleabag are incredibly personable and always a pleasure to be around. Every semester I’m here I will continue to see the Fleabag shows and never cease to laugh at the crazy and kooky antics that ensue.

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