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Things That are Way Too Similar: BC and Disney World

At the end of the summer, just before returning to BC, my family went to the land where dreams come true and it was far too humid: Disney World.  Now I could go on and on about things like how awesome Splash Mountain is (because let’s not kid ourselves, Splash Mountain is the bomb-diggity), but instead while I was there I began to notice a surprisingly large number of similarities between Disney World and BC.  And with that said, I’ve narrowed some of them down and combined a few to create five reasons the two are way too similar.

Credit: http://disneyvacationclub.disney.go.com
Credit: http://disneyvacationclub.disney.go.com

5. Transportation – Getting from the hotel to the parks involved something I became way too familiar with last year while on Newton campus: a bus.  Like so many freshmen and off-campus juniors, the only way to get from the hotel to the parks was a bus that usually had too many people on it and never came frequently enough.  Plus, no matter where you live now, you are close to something cool: CoRo has classes next door, off-campus is close to off-campus parties, Lower is close to Lower (duh), and even Newton at least has Newton Center close by.  But, like every hotel at Disney, you can be a stone’s throw away from something great, and a thousand miles from something else you need.  Each hotel is within a five minute drive of one park or activity, but then is at least fifteen minutes away from another.  To make a long story short, there were far too many Newton Campus flashbacks for my taste.

4. ID Cards – At Disney, if you stay at their hotels or buy a ticket to the park, you get a card: this card lets you into your room, it lets you into the park, you can charge things to it, and you can use it to buy food at their restaurants.  Sound familiar?  It has the exact same function as the Eagle ID.  Except the Disney card doesn’t have an awkwardly resized picture of me that I took at home at 11:45 the night before it was due because I procrastinated.  However, it does come with the same danger and system as your Eagle ID: “Lose this 3-inch by 2-inch piece of plastic and your life is over.”

bc gasson
Credit: http://www.panoramio.com/photo/1776022

3. The Lookaway –  The famous BC Lookaway rears its ugly head (then quickly looks away and pretends it didn’t see you) at Disney.  Somehow, this principle is inescapable.  My lovely story is that while trying to read a sign at a distance, it looked like I was grilling this random middle-aged woman from across the line for the Tower of Terror.  After that ride, whom should I happen to make awkward eye contact with on another line but that woman?  And the next day, out of the tens of thousands of people that visited the park, guess which one I stood next to in line again.  I guess it really is just a small world after all!  (Don’t worry, however bad you thought that joke was, I felt 10 times worse just for making it.)

2. Renovations – In its attempt to modernize and keep everything fresh, Disney undergoes constant renovations.  While it might not be under the BC 10-Year Plan, it is still just about everywhere you look, from the hotel rooms to the organization of the restaurants.  But of course, just like BC, it’s not all perfect.  One of my personal favorite rides at Disney recently got a huge sponsorship and underwent a massive overhaul to modernize the ride.  But, while I’m supposed to love it, and it does match the rest of the park, it was like a lot of the renovations at BC: generally underwhelming and disappointing (I’m looking at you, new Quad).1. It’s Awesome – Say what you will about a 19-year-old being too old to enjoy “The Most Magical Place on Earth,” but I don’t care, because quite simply, it’s awesome.  And that’s the biggest and best similarity to BC.  While there, I can get over the little annoyances like the fact that you’ll end up broke, or all the waiting on the obnoxiously long lines found both at Space Mountain and the Blazing Bowl station in Lower, and realize that the entire experience is just amazing in a thousand different ways.  Plus, when you’re on your way back from either of them, you kind of just want to turn around and go right back.

BONUS – They Both Make You Overly Sentimental and Sappy.  For proof of this, please read the paragraph directly above this one.

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