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10 Things That Rock About Being a Senior

10. You can say things like “Remember that time we got drunk in Rome together and then almost fell in the Trevi Fountain?” and everyone will instantly be jealous of your semester abroad (or think you’re a huge douche, but it’s worth the risk).

9. You never have to worry about getting to Shea Field before it closes again because everyone you know will be tailgating at the Mods and it will be infinitely more fun than any of your previous tailgates.

rock 2013

8. You get to take super awesome classes like “Witches & Apocalypse in Young Adult Fiction” and read Harry Potter and Divergent for homework.

7. You can throw registered parties and bounce people who you don’t know or want to interact with (i.e. Freshman biddies, ex-boyfriends, your RA from junior year, etc.).

6. Your dorm room is finally big enough for you to have actual furniture and decorate with more than a Game of Thrones poster and a Target cube. (If you have a Mod don’t even talk to me.)

5. You don’t have to care about what you wear to class because chances are, you’re always going to be just a little bit hungover.

4. You can actually appreciate a night in or one spent taking advantage of all the amazing stuff there is to do on campus and in Boston because you’re no longer worried about trying to trick and/or flirt your way into an upperclassman party.


2. Super fun senior activities that you’ve waited three years to attend are finally upon you! Hello, Homecoming!

1. You finally realize what an amazing three years it’s been and start appreciating your friends, classes, and the school so much more (and then start uncontrollably weeping whenever someone mentions graduation, a.k.a The G Word).

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