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BC Splash: Education for Students by Students

If you’re looking for a fun way to volunteer this semester, BC Splash could be the perfect opportunity for you. BC Splash is a program where high school students take classes designed and taught by BC students in a fun, one-day event. Between 600-1000 students, mainly from the Boston area but some from New Hampshire and Cape Cod as well, come to campus to take part in the event.  This semester, student registration will be open to a wider range of students in order to tap into the amazing high schoolers that this area has to offer. While some are excited about college and enjoy taking classes, others need a bit more motivation and BC students are able to provide that.

BC Splash

Rather than offering typical classes that students might be bored of in their own schools, these classes are created by BC students and can touch on a wide range of topics. In the past, classes have ranged from “The Language and Mythology Behind Harry Potter” and “Chemistry: Flames, Fire, and Heat” to“Dress for Success” and “Well That Painting’s…Different.”  Not surprisingly, classes like these have the ability to appeal more to high school students than their typical English 1 or Calculus classes.  Director of BC Splash, Annie Meyer, conveys their club perfectly: “Our goal is to show high school students that learning can be productive and fun.”

As co-director Abby Horgan adds, “We think that Splash is a great way for high school students to realize that higher education can be something beyond doing math problems in a textbook. Learning can be something to become passionate about, or even something simply enjoyable. On the flip side, Splash can also be an awesome creative outlet and confidence booster for BC students. You can be fighting with your roommates, failing a class, or generally feel like your life is caving in around you, yet Splash reminds you that there are still kids out there who really appreciate the passion that you have to share with them about something, whether that’s Harry Potter, imaginary numbers, or music.”

At BC, we’re constantly told to “set the world aflame” and to make a difference in the lives of others. We are smart, caring students with a wide array of passions and talents. In dedicating a single afternoon, we can share a piece of ourselves with students who might not otherwise have the opportunity to interact with college students or mentors in this environment.

Want to get involved? This semester, you can register to teach a class until February 28th and Splash will be held on April 6th. The time commitment consists of a one-hour training session, your own lesson planning, and the duration of your class on the day of Splash. If you’re hesitant to teach your own class, you can still volunteer to help with check-in or to be a BC Splash Leader, a mentor that will show kids around and eat lunch with small groups. To sign up, check out BCSplash.com or their Facebook page.

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