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Achieve More Goals with Achvr App

Take a tour of Harpoon Brewery. Walk along the Charles River. Try Aerial Yoga. Learn how to play the guitar. Try sushi for the first time. Visit the new Frost Ice Bar in Faneuil Hall. How many things have you crossed off of your BC Bucket List?


There’s something special about doing something for the first time. All too often we make lists of things we want to do, yet we never get around to doing them.  This is the premise behind Achvr, a social platform developed by three Boston College grads, Drew Watson (’03), Steve Ferraro (’04, MBA ’12) and Ryan Traeger (’03, MBA ’12). This app, which can be downloaded from the iTunes Store, allows users to receive points, keep track of their achievements, and compare their latest milestones with friends.

The idea for Achvr started with Traeger during his second year in CSOM’s MBA program.  “I was trying to decide what was important to me and what I’d be doing next,” he says. “It came to me in a moment of clarity.” What began as a student’s idea turned into a large-scale project and, now, a new company.

With unlimited activities in categories ranging from arts and culture to travel, the possibilities are endless.  It might seem slightly paradoxical to use a social media app in order to live a more real life, but it works.  With so many of us glued to our iPhones and computers, Achvr becomes a way to engage in social media by experiencing things in the real world. As co-founder and CMO Drew Watson says, “With Achvr, we hope to help people create long lasting memories and live more fulfilling lives.”


As for the founders, they have some pretty impressive achievements of their own.  When asked about their greatest achievements (aside from developing Achvr), both Drew and Ryan were quick to respond. “Marrying my Boston College alumna wife and having a child,” Drew says without hesitation. “I have the same story,” Ryan adds, laughing. Dream come true, right? In terms of activities, Ryan identifies his time in Interlochen, Switzerland as one of the coolest experiences of his life. Thinking back to his BC days, Drew mentions his time in the Boston College Acoustics, an acapella group on campus where he met his future wife.

With this fun, new app and this “Carpe Diem” attitude in mind, the options are endless. Any BC student can attest to the fact that our time here flies by far too quickly and now is as good a time as any to take advantage of our opportunities.  Drew suggests, “Everything that you can do, just do it. That’s the stuff that you’ll remember. Those friendships you create will be lifelong friendships. The things you really remember from college are the fun times and the experiences you have.” Oh, and stay up all night to watch the sunrise on the garage before graduation. You’ll be exhausted but you’ll never forget that.

This weekend, October 11-14, Achvr will be celebrating its public beta release by promoting 72 achievements in 72 hours.  This weekend serves as a manifestation of the founders’ mission statement and is sure to be a lot of fun.  You’d be surprised how much you can do in such a short amount of time! To learn more and get involved this weekend, follow Achvr on Twitter at @achvr and use the hashtag #72in72 to share your experiences throughout the weekend.

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    Thanks for the coverage Meagan! We appreciate the support.

    Go Eagles!

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