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“Girl Code”: MTV’s Greatest Hit?

MTV has gotten a lot of flak in its history; the network has been under fire ever since video killed the radio star.  Recently, MTV has been berated for going against their own name (“Music Television”) in favor of sub-par reality programming, trading in music videos for gems like Teen Mom, Catfish and True Life.  But among the trash there is often a treasure that shines where everything else lacks luster.  Listen up, ladies—it’s Girl Code.

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Alice Wetterlund on promiscuity. Credit:

The premise of Girl Code is simple: each 20-minute episode features a series of discussions on topics relevant to today’s young woman.  From shopping to sports, friends to flirting, and even TMI topics like bathroom behavior or intimate relationships, the hilarious women of Girl Code–many of them comedians, models or actresses–have it covered with their frank and funny observations of female nature.  Lighthearted yet ultimately useful, Girl Code may be the best program in recent MTV history.  (Buckwild is a close second, but that’s another story.)

But boys, don’t change the channel just yet.  Girl Code‘s advice is useful not only to women, but also to the men in their lives.  Despite the predominantly female cast, there are still male voices to be heard.  There are plenty of guys contributing to the discussion, including Vinny from Jersey Shore, and the presence of both sexes only increases Girl Code’s appeal.  The advice may be directed towards girls, but that doesn’t mean the guys can’t learn a thing or two!

Cast member Nicole Byer on perfection. Credit:

Nicole Byer discusses perfection. Credit:

The show exudes a positive spirit, and its overall message to be true to yourself (as long as nobody else is getting hurt) gives it an extraordinary charm.  According to Girl Code, there’s no shame in a little game, and it’s okay to make a few mistakes along the way as long as you do so responsibly and own up to your actions.  And with a multitude of voices contributing to the discussion, there’s often a variety of opinion on any given subject.  Everyone can find something they agree with and relate to!

Unlike MTV’s reality show stars that seem more caricature than human, the ladies of Girl Code are charming and relatable.  They encourage self-confidence and embracing one’s flaws (“You don’t have to look like the girl in the magazine.  The girl in the magazine doesn’t look like the girl in the magazine”).  Among programs depicting poor choices and even worse role models (seriously, who watches Teen Mom or Jersey Shore to get life advice?), Girl Code shines with a real and diverse ensemble that sets a positive example for viewers.

Girl Code returns for its second season tomorrow night (Wednesday, October 30) at 10 p.m. on MTV (BC cable channel 43).


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