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The Rock Staff Celebrates Halloween

It’s that spooky time of the year again–a day for tricks and treats, ghosts and ghouls, creepy crawlies and scary fun.  Halloween is a holiday that has something for everyone, whether you have a flair for scares, a love of horror movies or a knack for crazy costumes, or if you just like the free candy.  To get into the spirit of All Hallow’s Eve, we here at The Rock at BC have assembled some of our favorite Halloween traditions and memories.


Elementary school students trick-or-treat in the Mods. Credit: BC Chronicle

“People think that a good Halloween costume is one that makes your body look fantastic, or one that is so witty you can’t help but laugh (even if you don’t 100% understand it). I think, though, that the best costumes are the ones where you can tell the wearer actually put a lot of effort into looking good (or, in this story’s case, really fat and furry). My favorite Halloween memory is of my best friend dressing up as Alf. For anyone who doesn’t know who that is, Alf was an alien that crash landed in a garage belonging to a clichéd suburban family. Long story short, he is big, orange, furry, and likes to eat cats. You would think that this would be a hard costume for a 7th grader to pull off, but my friend’s family is known for taking on a challenge (making a crazy costume, throwing the best party, etc.) and always succeeding. She won all the awards at our school’s costume party that year, and who could argue? She was Alf!” – Saidhbhe Berry ‘17

“My favorite Halloween tradition is getting my costume. When I was younger, I was obsessed with anything law enforcement-related. So, for 3 consecutive years, I dressed as a police officer. I just loved getting the props that came with the cheap uniform.” – Jack Donovan ’17

“My favorite part about Halloween was being at my friend Sarah’s house. She and her family always go all out and the entire front yard is covered in decorations. I used to go over the morning of Halloween and we would spend hours setting up a haunted house in her garage, with lots of fake severed body parts and black lights and strobes and fog machines, and even a life-size Freddy Krueger which I hate because it talks when you walk by it. Then I would hide under the table while she ran the entrance, and our friend Jack would hide inside a coffin with a mask on. We would jump out at people and grab their legs as they passed by, and it was especially fun when kids from our high school would come by and we’d scare them. I definitely miss that the most out of all my Halloween traditions.” – Danielle Dybbro ‘151415863_10151968061939847_404735144_n

“It’s only fitting that my father, born on October 31st, is spellbound by Halloween. With autumn waning, he strings orange lights on our house, decks out our porch with pumpkins and scarecrows, and he even places a witch above our garage. Dressing up on Halloween has always been his favorite though. His Ronald Reagan and Herman Munster masks charmed everyone for years, and now he chooses to spend his birthday in a vampire costume, celebrating with the family. That incredible spirit of Halloween and the the fun of celebrating my dad’s birthday always made October 31 the most enjoyable and most amusing holiday.” – Chris Kabacinski ’16

“It’s all about the costumes, baby.  When I was in high school, everyone dressed up for school–even the teachers and the principal, who once wore an Energizer bunny costume all day on the 31st.  My friends and I threw the best costume parties and always went all out.  Even now, I still get excited about Halloween costumes.  My roommates and I dressed up as Disney princesses last year, and it was a dream come true to gallivant around dressed as the Little Mermaid.  This year, I’m going as Rosie the Riveter–representing a true American heroine while I’m abroad!” – Kate Lewis ‘15the-nightmare-before-christmas

“Since I have never been able to watch an entire horror movie without covering my eyes at some point in it, I have never been able to indulge in the Halloween tradition of scary movie marathons. The alternative? Tim Burton. With an evident trope of creepiness, his movies make me feel like I’m taking part in the larger Halloween tradition AND still keeping my eyes open all the way through. Favorites include The Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissorhands and Corpse Bride.” – Bia Lyrio ‘14

“My favorite Halloween tradition comes with a heap of nostalgia—watching all the old Halloween movies that were our favorites as kids, but are forever relevant, like Halloweentown and Hocus Pocus.” – Thais Menendez ‘14

“My favorite Halloween activity is making dirt cups and gummy worms for dessert. Just take some instant chocolate pudding mix, milk, crumbled oreo cookies, some gummy worms, and whipped cream on top, and voilà! Put it in some cups and you’ve got yourself some tasty dirt and worms for Halloween.” – Christian Petro ‘15

great pumpkin“This may be cliche, but all I want to do when October hits is watch It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown! I didn’t watch too many movies as a kid–I didn’t really like them. But I love, love, loved the Peanuts movies, especially this one. Whether consciously or subconsciously, everything in The Great Pumpkin became my standard of comparison for a successful Halloween: popcorn balls, ghost costumes, bobbing for apples, and of course, having the ability to goof around with my friends. I probably won’t go out or do anything crazy this year, but I guarantee you I’ll be watching that movie!” – Erin Sutton ‘16

“I don’t really have a particular tradition on Halloween, but I always feel like there’s no better time to read a chapter or two of Harry Potter. (If someone could let me know what time they’re putting all the floating candles out for a celebratory dinner in Bapst, that’d be great.)” – Melissa Warten ‘16


From all of us here at The Rock to our readers–have a safe and happy Halloween!

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