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Return of the Scruff: No Shave November

In the past few years, there has been resurgence in the popularity of facial hair. From famous celebrities to your old uncle Stan, beards, mustaches, and other whiskery types are suddenly being seen in all walks of life. The short stubbly look is by far the most commonly sported style as a return to the natural look sweeps through the nation. November is a magical time particular because it is when men, and many of the ladies out there, throw down their razors and pledge not to be shorn until the first day of December.

“No Shave November”, as it’s called, is here once again, and the evidence of participation on campus is already apparent. Whether you’re no-shaving for a good cause or you just hate shaving, participating in this test of perseverance means men and women must not shave until the morning of December first. I can’t speak on behalf of the women who join in No Shave November, but I can assume it’s a relief not to be burdened with regular shaving habits. You know, sweatpants are all the rage this time of year.

But for everyone planning on keeping the clippers at bay, be sure you’re ready for the ups and downs of this experience. There will be discomfort, there will be itching, and there will definitely be a period of time when you look like a cross between a caveman and a hobo. Even when you start feeling like Chewbacca, don’t listen to anyone trying to steer you from the righteous path of the shave-free. Men especially, avoid listening to your mother, and understand she’s worried your beard will overwhelm all the girls who never noticed your manliness. It will be interesting to watch day by day those who are genetically gifted and sadly many who are follicly challenged.

A very wise man once said; “the only reason to shave your beard is for the joy of growing it again.” I would say this is very true. It’s also true that many of the greatest men in history had facial hair. Heard of Socrates? Charles Darwin perhaps? Honestly, if I don’t see anyone looking like Abraham Lincoln or the dude from Epic Meal Time, I’ll be pretty disappointed this November. Also, did you even see Forrest Gump after he ran all the way across the country and back again? Talk about badass. So that’s my point, if you grow a beard this November, you too can run across the United States twice. Happy growing everyone!

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