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A Case for an Early Christmas Season

This year, The Rock at Boston College is doing the season of joy in a big way by generating new content every day in our first ever “25 Days of Christmas”. The Rock is proud to present this installment in our holiday special.

So as Thanksgiving Day falls behind us and we prepare to dig into our third helping of leftovers in the fridge, it will probably cross some of our minds that it is now the Christmas season.  And with that realization, we can now fully embrace the Christmas music that has been popping up on the radio, indulge in our favorite holiday-themed Starbucks drink, and beautify our dorm rooms with lights.  But for some of us, that realization has come perhaps as far as a month earlier.

christmas-in-autumnI’m talking about those people who are blasting Michael Bublé’s Christmas album on the first of November, and feel no shame at doing so.  Now, I used to be among the crowd of people who would do what tradition demanded: wait a few days after Thanksgiving, decorate the house, pick out a tree as a family, make gingerbread houses, the whole nine yards.  But that only left a little less than a month at most to celebrate the holiday season.  And frankly, I just couldn’t stand for this, not giving Christmas as much calendar time as possible.

So I quickly rallied myself into the mindset to have lights up around the house on November 2nd, to already have my favorite Christmas playlist selected, and to have enough candy canes in the house to feed a small army.  All details that my family didn’t seem to care too much about, but that were nonetheless important to me.  And these changes did seem to have an effect on me, as I began to feel more cheerful and upbeat.   The simple fact of being able to celebrate the holiday season earlier adds something more to one’s day, and sometimes that’s exactly what you need.

As many of us prepare for our first holiday season away from home, take some time to celebrate Christmas a little earlier this year.  I know for me, having my mom mail me Christmas decorations the first week of November made it feel like I was back at home, annoying the neighbors while blasting Mariah Carey and putting up the lights around the house.  As homesickness may begin to set in, a little holiday cheer is sometimes exactly what the doctor ordered.

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