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A Plea for ABC Family

This year, The Rock at Boston College is doing the season of joy in a big way by generating new content every day in our first ever “25 Days of Christmas”. The Rock is proud to present this installment in our holiday special.

Another year, another Thanksgiving break gone by. It might be nothing more than a long weekend, but it’s filled with family, food, and a few precious days to get in the Christmas spirit. That means Mariah Carey Holiday Pandora, starting on the car ride home from Thanksgiving dinner. It means watching from the windows as my dad wrestles the twinkle lights across the fence. It means my to-do list notepad is already filled with gifts to finish. But mostly, getting in the Christmas spirit over Thanksgiving break means one thing: Christmas movies on TV. When I board the train to head back to Boston, I know my movie options will be few and far between for the next few weeks of the Christmas season.


For all the freshmen and Scrooges out there who might not be aware of the sad facts, I’ll tell it to you straight: TV at BC does not have access to ABC Family. Therefore, TV at BC in December does not have access to the holy grail of Christmas movies, the 25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family. If you’re not too good at figuring out the illegal-streaming kind of lifestyle, you’re out of luck. Not only have we been unable to get our Pretty Little Liars fix during the eleven non-Christmas months, but now Christmas has arrived and the 25 Days of Christmas is nowhere to be found. And we ask ourselves: where are you, Christmas? Why can’t we find you? Why is a primary source of holiday cheer being kept from us?

I myself, this Thanksgiving break, settled down to watch the Harry Potter marathon for which ABC Family is so renowned, and was barraged with commercials for the impending 25 Days of Christmas movie series. Out of curiosity, I made the mistake of looking up the schedule for the season. Starting with How the Grinch Stole Christmas on December 1st, to back-to-back Santa Clauses on the 7th, to an all-day “Holiday Classics” marathon on the 21st – it was a comprehensive and beautiful list. And it made me, as it must make you, irreversibly sad.

Boston College has become my home away from home at Christmastime. But as we college students understand too well, Christmastime is the busiest of times. Finals are descending upon us, gift exchanges have us running store to store (and running down our wallets), and we search the dining halls for a kind soul to buy us dinner and keep our floundering meal plan alive. Not to mention it is getting seriously chilly out there. At the end of the day, all we really want is a fuzzy blanket and the cute little robots of Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town on TV.

We’ll have a blue Christmas without you, ABC Family.

But without access to the 25 Days of Christmas, such an opportunity is lost to us. Where else are we supposed to get all of our holiday movie favorites in one place, complete with a jolly Santa snowglobe bouncing in the corner? Where else can we watch childhood classics next to such gems as Holidaze and Christmas Bounty (oh, you haven’t heard of them either)? Where else is Christmas marked by Harry Potter Weekends and Disney movie events? ABC Family is a cornucopia of cheer at Christmastime, but we, the holiday-spirited students of Boston College, are excluded.

The weeks before winter vacation should be filled with the joy of the season, and certainly BC students find ways to spread this joy on campus. But as another year without ABC Family approaches, we’ve got that Christmastime sadness. Maybe Santa has heard our wish by now – and maybe, years in the future, that jolly little guy will be bouncing around our TV screens in Chestnut Hill. ABC Family, all we want for Christmas is you.

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