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The Rock Staff’s New Year’s Resolutions

2013 has come and gone, and now there’s a brand-spankin’ new year on the horizon.  For some, a new year brings a blank slate–a chance to start all over again, or an inspiration to achieve new goals in the year to come.  While some are skeptical about the permanence of New Year’s Resolutions, there’s no doubt that everyone comes into each new year with some kind of hopes for the year to come.  With that in mind, we here at The Rock at Boston College are proud to present our resolutions for 2014.


Saidhbhe Berry ‘17: “My New Year’s resolution is pretty simple–be better. Do better in school, go to the gym more than once a week, eat healthier. Oh, and be happy. That one’s pretty important too.”

Natalie Dolphin ‘16: “As a homebody, it’s easy for me to forget that I just met some of my best friends this semester. My New Year’s resolution is to do more things I love so that I can keep myself open to new people. It’s easy for me to get overwhelmed by schoolwork and only hang out with my closest friends, so this year I want to use my time more productively at the beginning of the semester so I can stress less and make more memories.  It doesn’t mean I still won’t spend hours watching Scandal and gossiping with my besties, but every now and again I have to switch out my leggings for real pants, swipe on some mascara, and leave the comforts of cuddling to remember that getting outside my comfort zone is how I made the great friends I have to begin with.”

Danielle Dybbro ‘15: “To be honest, I hate making New Year’s Resolutions. They make me irritable and anxious because I’m always asked by people ‘Oh, what’s YOUR resolution? I’m going on a diet, I’m going to be nicer to people etc.’ and I feel like I’m expected to make some sort of meaningful resolution and tell everyone about it, too. I don’t want to share with people about how insecure I am at times and what different ways I can try and be more optimistic about myself. I don’t want to constrain a promise to a calendar year because I can’t take that kind of pressure and disappointment if I don’t succeed. I have a plethora of personal goals, and until I have some good progress on those, I will keep those to myself. For now I will tell people that my resolution is to become more involved in clubs on campus, which isn’t untrue. And maybe to try and be less irritable when people ask me about New Year’s Resolutions.”

Kate Lewis ‘15: “I spent most of 2013 feeling directionless–a lot of the time, I felt like my time was being wasted because I had no real plans or goals.  I’m going into 2014 with a whole list of dreams to make true: I want to start working on a huge creative writing project (hopefully without alienating my entire family), take up running so I can jump in at Mile 21 to join my friends as they cross the Boston Marathon finish line, nail down my dream summer job and, of course, enjoy my return to BC after a semester abroad.  It’ll take a lot of work, but I’m determined to make it all happen, because I said I would!”

Bia Lyrio ‘14: “2014 will be a year with many changes and many challenges. My resolution is to face these with an open mind and an open heart. Instead of shying away from them, I want to seize them as opportunities for personal growth and learning. Mostly, I want to remember that being 22 means I do not have everything figured out, and that is completely OK.”

Meagan McCarthy ‘14: “With my graduation from BC approaching all too quickly, it looks like 2014 will be full of big changes for me.  First and foremost, I’d like to get a job. I hope to cross the finish line in the 2014 Boston Marathon, learn how to control my online shopping habits, and say yes to (nearly) every opportunity that presents itself this semester. I want to spend more time on the things that make me happy and learn to let go of those that don’t.”

Chris Pinto ‘16: “This year, I’m going to finally write a full-length play, make some new friends and become closer to old ones, figure out how to truly seize the day every day, and hopefully cut down on the amount of money I spend on socks.  But since it’s not 2014 yet, I’m going to J. Crew, they’re having a sale on thick socks and I want some in blue.  And orange.  And green.”

Erin Sutton ‘16: “First semester’s work load hit me pretty hard. And though I love my classes and am happy with my progress, it kept me from being as open and social as I should have been. I can’t tell you how many times I heard, “where have you been, Erin?!” these past few months. Next semester I look forward to more lunch dates, more trips to the city, more shows and  movies, etc. In general, my biggest resolution is to get out there more. As my friend Victor told me, it isn’t about using time efficiently, it’s about using time effectively.”

Melissa Warten ‘16: “I spent a lot of 2013 worrying a lot about money – do I have enough of it to survive, how can I make more of it, will my double major finance any sort of worthwhile future. 2014 is going to be a year to put that aside. If I’m making money, I’m doing it to ensure I can enjoy my experiences ahead; if I rapidly go broke, I want it to be at the expense of dinners with friends, gifts for family, and hopefully a cool overpriced T-shirt at the Justin Timberlake concert in February. Macklemore will be my mantra: ‘Make the money, don’t let the money make you.’”

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