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Local Talent That Rocks: Yellabird

As a Boston native, I know many of the great things this city has to offer. One of the best is the music scene—I mean sure, we aren’t New York City or Los Angeles, but we have a lot of good talent popping out of the woodwork every day. Thursday night, at the Great Scott in Brighton, I discovered a new band by the name of Yellabird.

10001471_654178944648439_2073995102_nMartin Stubbs, the guitarist and vocalist, and Felipe Gaviria, the drummer, met through a mutual friend, and in May of 2012, the two Northeastern graduates formed their band. As described by their Facebook page, their sound is “southern-rock grit with heavy blues-metal swagger,” and while that may be a very complex description, their talent is undeniable.

Their manager, Adam Parshall (a BC alum from the class of 2013), was able to help me hear about this new band by extending an invite to their concert at the Great Scott. Despite arriving late and nearly missing the show—I blame the B line!—I was able to watch the duo perform onstage with a gusto that many current rock stars lack. Their songs, many of which can be found online for downloading, have a lot of energy in them, which is incredible due to the fact the band is composed of only two members.

They will appear for the first time in 100.7 WZLX’s Rock and Roll Rumble on April 12th. The Rock and Roll Rumble will run for nine nights (April 6th to 25th) at TT The Bear’s Place. 24 bands will compete for the crown, cash and prizes. I highly recommend attending if you get the chance; while I have never attended this event before, I was raised listening to WZLX, and it’s sure to be a good time.

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