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Music That Rocks: Week of March 28

Welcome to the new weekly segment, Music That Rocks! If the title isn’t clear enough, this segment is for Rock writers to share their favorite music with our readers. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find a new favorite band or genre. Regardless, we urge to give the songs a listen!

“Best Day of My Life” – American Authors

“A few months ago, my passion for American Authors was unknown.  But then one of my floormates was so kind as to introduce them to me.  Via his ridiculously loud base and expensive speaker system.  Ever since that day, I can’t seem to get them out of my head.  Probably because I was deaf for a couple of minutes afterwards.  But what isn’t there to love with this catchy band from New York.  With an upbeat style and catchy vocals, they are a must have on any feel good playlist.  Check out their new album Best Day of My Life and be on the lookout for them as they skyrocket to become the next great thing in music.” – Joseph Dorion ‘17

“I Wanna Get Better” – Bleachers

“Bleachers was a band that admittedly I looked up after seeing they’d be on Late Night with Seth Meyers, only to discover they had just one song they’d released as of March 26 – “I Wanna Get Better.”  With little synth, a splash of cymbal and some great male vocals, ‘IWGB’ is upbeat in a casual way, putting a smile on my face without telling me it was doing so, and it has a message and poignant that I’m sure most people has thought once in their life.  Easily my favorite song of the year thus far, so keep an eye on Bleachers, hopefully what’s to come is just as good.” – Chris Pinto ‘16

“Girls and Boys” – Chloe Howl

“When I found out that Chloe was just 19, I was flummoxed because she has one of those voices that just seems to have experience.  She has yet to release an album (first one is due in the fall of this year).  However, she has four songs out and each one is both fun to listen to and cleverly written.  It was hard to pick one song since they all are of a similar style, yet distinct enough to not be overly repetitive.  All of her songs can be found in her Rumors EP and I wholeheartedly recommend all of them (Rumor, No Strings, Paper Heart and Girls and Boys).  September cannot come soon enough for I need her new music ASAP.” – Jake Maestas ‘16

“Calamity Song” – The Decemberists

“I heard this song for the first time last week in my “Walking Infinite Jest” class–the music video is inspired by a scene from the book where young tennis prodigies play a game called Eschaton (I won’t even try to explain it, because the music video does it enough justice). Since then, it’s been totally stuck in my head. Also since then, The Decemberists were added to the lineup at the Boston Calling music festival in May. It’s going to be their first live performance since 2011, and it’ll be the day after my 21st birthday, so it should be a really awesome show.” – Kate Lewis ‘15

“I’m Into Something Good/Happy Together” – GQ 

“I’ve gotten into the tendency to find amazing videos on tumblr and proceed to send the link to everyone I know. This video is unique in that the initial discovery has led me, two days later, to have purchased and listened to this group’s entire studio album from iTunes. GQ stands for Girls Quartet, and yes, they are an all-female barbershop quartet. Nothing makes me happier than amazing harmonies and vocalizations that are the cornerstones of barbershop quartets, and the all-female twist on traditional barbershop quartets makes for an interesting and awesome listening experience. The video is from a live performance, and is just as flawless as their recorded album. Enjoy!” – Danielle Dybbro ‘15  

“Fancy (feat. Charli XCX)” – Iggy Azalea

“Just a few weeks ago, my love for Iggy Azalea (and my previously untapped talent for the art of dance) flourished in a DOBC hip-hop class on campus. Since that fateful day, I haven’t been able to stop strutting back and forth in my room to “Fancy.” My roommates are like, “Stop, you’re being weird,” and I’m all, “First thing’s first I’m the realest.” You know? It’s one of those tunes that makes you feel like a badass lady. You too, gents. Strut.” – Marie McGrath ‘14

“For a Fool” – The Shins

“Have you seen the movie, Garden State? Zach Braff (JD from Scrubs) wrote, directed, and starred in it. This is kind of where The Shins got their ‘big’ break, but many people still don’t know about them. The best thing to come out of Albuquerque, New Mexico, besides Breaking Bad,  these guys are immensely talented and a good listen. Troy Bolton (HSM took place in Albuquerque) can’t even compare. On a side note, Garden State is a great movie with a great soundtrack!” – Jack Donovan ‘17

“House of Gold” – Twenty One Pilots

“This band actually has 2 pilots in it! I heard of these guys from 92.5 The River, which if you aren’t from around here, they’re the best radio station in New England. This song is great, and the ukulele makes for a nice bright sound. Twenty One Pilots is from Columbus, Ohio.” – Jack Donovan ‘17

“Heart Out” – The 1975

“I got into the 1975 awhile back, when ‘Chocolate’ (also a fantastic pick) was the free single of the week on iTunes. Turns out their debut album is full of gems like that – the songs are upbeat, sexy, and have lyrics at least a little heavier than the typical. ‘Heart Out,’ for instance: ‘Why don’t you take your heart out, instead of living in your head?’ There’s also a sweet sax break towards the middle, which is always a tough trait for me to turn down.” – Melissa Warten ‘16

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