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Music That Rocks: Summer Jams, Volume 1

Now that summer is here, it’s time to upgrade the old summer playlist with some new hits. All summer long, we here at The Rock will be presenting some of our favorite songs for your listening pleasure. Roll down those windows, soak up the sun and turn up the awesome summer jams!


Ghost Stories – Coldplay

A breathtaking collection of love songs that, once again, prove the band’s ability to experiment with new sound while conjuring in you a nostalgia of lost love via heart-wrenching lyrics. They depart from the pop-infused rock  featured on Mylo Xyloto and arrive at what can only be described as trance-infused pop-rock, making their collaboration with Avicii even more apparent. However, they don’t leave their past style behind, as “Oceans” and “O” are unapologetically reminiscent of Parachutes. “Ink” and “Midnight” may bring tears to your eyes but “A Sky Full of Stars” will make you dance. –Tahira Benjamin ‘17

Hurry, Hurry” – Air Traffic Controller

With plenty of songs of the summer already out for you to mull through, I present you a song that is just as easy to listen to on a long drive as it is when you’re at home lounging around.  The beat is catchy, the blend of guitar along with some other instruments that I can’t quite identify makes its mark and makes sure that it will be stuck in your head.  It also makes you feel more energized, or maybe thats just because I’ve listened to it 7 times in a row.  Either way, it is a song that is sure to find its way onto any playlist that you make. – Joey Dorion ‘17

“Junk of the Heart” – The Kooks

This song is SUCH a great summer song. Listen to this while you drive or chill out; you can really do anything while listening to this song and it makes it 100x more enjoyable. The Kooks are also a very consistent band, and odds are if you like this song, you’ll like entire albums by them. They represent the Indie Rock/British Punk genre, but don’t let that throw you off- these guys are unique. -Jack Donovan ‘17

“Do I Wanna Know (Arctic Monkeys cover)” – CHVRCHES

Arctic Monkeys are up there on the list of my current band obsessions. I’ve heard some pretty mediocre covers of this song, which has a sick bass line that is tough to beat. This live radio show recording by CHVRCHES, however, is top notch. The electronic Scottish trio makes the song completely their own with their signature techno pop sound, and makes a new song out of something borrowed. –Danielle Dybbro ‘15

“Gold Trans Am” – Ke$ha

People seem so divided on Ke$ha. Some people can’t stand her, while others love her despite her admittedly trashy image. I’m a devoted member of the second camp–I love, nay, need Ke$ha as much as she needs a bottle of Jack to brush her teeth with. “Gold Trans Am” is a lesser-known hit from Ke$ha’s sophomore album, Warrior, and it’s a bona fide summer jam. It’s riddled with crass double entendres, but would we have it any other way? If you’re confused about the lyrics, this site should clear up any misconceptions. Definitely put this song on your playlist for your summertime freedom rides. –Kate Lewis ‘15

“West Coast” – Lana Del Rey

The first single off of one of my most anticipated summer albums is a nice mix of vocals and a hypnotic rhythm.  It’s the epic summer jam that is perfect for blasting with the windows down and the wind flowing through your hair.  Lana combines slow and steady and fast-paced to make a song that can keep you interested past a few listens.  Her new album, Ultraviolence, comes out June 17 and “West Coast” is definitely enough to get/keep people excited (not to mention the sheer awesomeness that is Lana Del Rey). –Jake Maestas ‘16

“Atlas” – COIN

This has officially become my new song for the summer.  COIN, an up-and-coming indie rock band, puts strong drums great guitar riffs together with light and fun vocals and synth to create a song that makes you want to press repeat, roll down your windows, and drive.  If you don’t trust me (or my cliché description of what I do when I play that song), just listen to the 3 minute song and try to tell me that you don’t feel happier and that you won’t be playing it again, because I guarantee it’ll be impossible. –Chris Pinto ‘16

“Lay Me Down” – Sam Smith

Ever heard of Disclosure and their smash hit single “Latch”? Then you know Sam Smith, who covers the vocals on the track. Aside from that electronic collaboration, Smith is quite the singer-songwriter on his own, and his new album In the Lonely Hour drops in early June. “Lay Me Down” has been released in two versions, one with a more filled-out backtrack (for car rides, singalongs, and happy days) and one stripped acoustic-style (for sleeping, crying, and rainy nights)–and Smith makes both work beautifully. –Melissa Warten ‘16

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