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Our E-Board Rocks: Meet Sai!

In this summer’s People Who Rock series, we’re getting to know the faces behind The Rock—our editorial board! This week, it’s our sophomore Social Media Manager, Saidhbhe!

Maybe you’ve seen her chilling in Campion or lounging in Loyola, or perhaps she’s tossed you a towel at the Plex, but now it’s time to get to know our sophomore star, Saidhbhe “Sai” Berry! Sai’s history with the Rock goes back to May 2013, when she made her writing debut before even graduating from Milton High School–and since then, she’s been spreading the good vibes as an active member of our staff. She’s collaborated on group articles, shared her side of the 48HOURS experience, and braved the B-Line to report on local music. Before she heads back to the Heights to assume her rightful place in Edmond’s (as a sophomore–seriously, she’s got it made), she’s working this summer as an au pair in Barcelona–how cool is that?! Let’s get to know this girl who rocks!

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10329192_477720675662058_6768928309177248278_n (1)You joined The Rock before you even arrived at BC–what inspired you to join the staff?

SB: “Well, to be honest, I can’t take credit for the idea of joining The Rock before school started—that was all Jack [Donovan ’17]’s idea, but when he told me about it, I decided I would do the same! But I probably would have joined The Rock anyways, whether Jack had told me about it or not, because it suits me. I can write on my own time, about things that I think are interesting (and anyone that has seen me struggle to write a philosophy paper knows I don’t do well with things I don’t find interesting…) and I have gotten to join a group of incredibly diverse—and also really friendly and fun—individuals.”

What’s your favorite article that you wrote this year? That someone else wrote?

SB: “My favorite article to write this year was ‘The Art of Giving the Perfect Gift’ because, as cheesy as it sounds, there is no better feeling than knowing you get the absolute perfect gift for someone, and I got to share my ideas for how to do just that. My favorite article by another writer was Erin [Sutton ’16]’s article about her spring break, and how she was arrested in Washington D.C. for protesting. It was really interesting to read (especially since I spent most of my spring break sleeping and hanging out with my friend), and is an excellent example of what I mentioned above… our writers have extremely diverse interests, and that is what makes The Rock such a great community!”

What’s been your biggest challenge as a Rock writer?

SB: “My biggest challenge as a writer, not just for The Rock, is—you guessed it!—writing formally. That and finding things I think are worth writing about. But mostly it is that I have a very informal writing style, and when I try to write formally, I sound like I have something very prickly stuck up my butt. I’m working on it though, I promise.”

1003768_10201334376856741_977656122_nYou’re about to start your sophomore year in the fall. Looking back on your first year at BC, what advice would you give to incoming freshmen?

SB: “My best piece of advice would be to relax. Yes, I know the first few weeks are a mess, because everyone is just trying to find people to be their friends, but take it from me; I had three different friend groups before I found the one I now hang out with the most. No, none of the others were terrible people (they’re great, really) but we didn’t have anything in common other than grouping ourselves together to avoid being alone. So relax, don’t take yourself too seriously, and enjoy the mess that is the first semester of freshman year. You’ll never get to again. Also, a piece of advice a rising junior from my hometown gave me a few weeks before school started: don’t make a name for yourself early on. Apparently one girl on her floor did something very sketchy, and everyone called her by a terrible nick name for the rest of the year. So have fun, but keep yourself in check so that people’s first impression of you isn’t something cringe-worthy.”

Stay tuned for more editorial board profiles as the summer goes on!

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