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Our E-Board Rocks: Meet Jack!

In this summer’s People Who Rock series, we’re getting to know the faces behind The Rock—our editorial board! This week, it’s our sophomore Financial Officer, Jack!

Jack, the first incoming freshman to ever write for The Rock–his first article was written last summer, before he had even graduated!–is best known for his impressively accurate predictions of Academy Award winners (13/16 correct!) and starting up a now favorite article of mine, Music That Rocks! But that’s not all that is awesome about him; Jack has been an active member of The Rock this year, participating in group articles and even battling the tough topic of “12 Reasons Why [Listicles] Like This Will Never Go Away”–in honor of April Fool’s day, of course! Now, while he’s enjoying his summer off before he makes the adjustment from Cheverus, by far the nicest freshman dorm, to Walsh, the biggest sophomore dorm, we have the chance to get to know Jack a little better. So let’s hear about this guy that rocks!

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So, I already admitted to the world that it was YOU that got me interested in joining The Rock, but how did you find out about it, and what made you think it would be a good fit?

JimageD: “My discovery of The Rock came about after reading a BC Confessions post concerning the lack of diversity among BC student publications. I then read a comment on this post saying, “Obviously you haven’t read The Rock,” or something to that effect. Anyway, I then read some articles, decided I liked The Rock, and emailed Kate to start writing. Then I told EVERYONE about it.”

What is your favorite topic to write about?  What is your favorite article you have written so far?

JD: “My favorite topic to write about really depends on whatever I feel most passionate about in that moment. Sometimes I really delve into music, and other times I watch as many movies as I can. Politics are a continual interest for me, but they’re also not something I would always want to write about. Opinions can change, but the articles you write cannot. I’d say my favorite article to write thus far has been my Killermoda Kidz interview. It was awesome getting to know an artist on the other side of the world purely out of an appreciation for his music, and then getting to share his experience and talent with others.”

What are some goals you have for your future with The Rock? And some challenges you have had?

image (1)JD: “My main goal for The Rock is to make it a more widely read publication on campus. We have the talent; we just need the audience. My only challenge thus far is not having enough material to publish!”

You just survived freshman year, and (hopefully) learned a lot from the experience. Do you have any words of wisdom for incoming freshmen?

JD: “Most of my advice to the incoming freshman will be repeated to them until next May. All I can say is this: do things you normally wouldn’t, obviously excluding violent crimes and other misdemeanors/felonies. Also, enjoy this scholarly environment you’ll be thrust into. Go to talks about economic policy in an aging society, or whatever else, and SOAK IT ALL IN.”

Stay tuned for more editorial board profiles as the summer goes on!

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