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Music That Rocks: Summer Jams, Vol. 4

Now that summer is here, it’s time to upgrade the old summer playlist with some new hits. All summer long, we here at The Rock will be presenting some of our favorite songs for your listening pleasure. Roll down those windows, soak up the sun and turn up the awesome summer jams!


“The Start of Something” – Voxtrot

I heard this song on the radio, and instantly loved it. Voxtrot is no longer a band, but their work is still around for your listening pleasure- and it’s very pleasurable. This catchy tune has me continually replaying it, and other greats like “Future Pt. 1” and “Introduction” are close contenders in the ‘Replay’ department. Voxtrot was a band out of Austin, TX and their final show was in June of 2010. I only wish I knew of them before they broke up. – Jack Donovan ‘17

“July, July!” – The Decemberists

I included a Decemberists song in an early iteration of Music That Rocks, but my love for them has only grown since I saw them perform at Boston Calling two months ago. Yes, I’m late to the party–the Decemberists haven’t recorded anything new or even played a concert since 2011 (aside from two small live performances this year)–but their folk-rock sound has been a great addition to my iTunes library. This tune, taken from an early Decemberists record, is fun and lively, and the words are a little weird, but as they say in the song… “It never seemed so strange.” – Kate Lewis ‘15

“Ordinary Love” – Ben Rector

It almost pains me to name this song; Ben Rector is the object of so much affection from me that I have trouble sharing him with the rest of the world. My roommate showed me some free downloads of his on New Year’s Day 2013, and we’ve never looked back. This particular jam, the opening track off his last release The Walking In Between, starts slow and builds to a near-anthemic chorus. It’s a great start to one of my all-time favorite albums, and the perfect embodiment of an artist that definitely deserves more recognition for his work. – Melissa Warten ‘16

“Sugar in a Bowl” – Of Monsters and Men

After being introduced to Of Monsters and Men a few years ago, they quickly became one of my two favorite contemporary bands, if not my outright favorite (fun fact: also the best concert I’ve ever seen, they sound better than in the studio).  Recorded live about two years before their mainstream success, “Sugar in a Bowl” is a quick but great song that showcases their folk influenced sound, with light voices and great instrumental combinations, with many members doubling or sometimes tripling up for an almost orchestral effect.  Also, they speak Icelandic at the start, so that’s also cool. – Chris Pinto ‘16

“Jupiter” – Sleeping at Last

The only reason that I had heard about Sleeping at Last before was because they had a song in a Twilight movie once. However, I recently rediscovered them and their beautiful album, Atlas. The entire album literally takes you away from the world around you with its captivating instrumentals and soothing melodies. Each song in the album is named after something in the universe, such as the planets, Earth’s oceans, and the cardinal directions. The album is refreshingly artistic and amazing to listen to on a rainy summer’s day, or even when you are just catching some R&R at the beach. Although “Jupiter” is my favorite, I definitely recommend checking out the entire album if you want to hear more! – Cameran McKean ‘16

“Show Me The Light” – Mystery Jets

I’m still not sure why the music video for this song takes place inside of a gym with someone on a pommel horse.  Regardless, this is still one of my favorite songs, and one that I can listen to on repeat at least a dozen times before evening noticing it.  Blaine Harrison has such a melodic voice, and his range is wonderful.  He doesn’t fully show us everything that he can do with his vocal cords with this song, but rather keeps it quite even and tidy.  A simple rhythm, a chorus that is catchy and easy to remember, and the inclusion of a wide variety of instruments.  I highly recommend exploring them further, but “Show Me The Light” is a great place to get started.  Happy listening and good vibes to all.  – Joey Dorion ‘17

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