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Our E-Board Rocks: Meet Melissa!

In this summer’s People Who Rock series, we’re getting to know the faces behind The Rock—our editorial board! This week, it’s one of Junior Assistants, Melissa!

Maybe she was your neighbor on Newton or waved to you in Walsh, but for those of you who don’t know her, meet Melissa Warten! Melissa, who has been writing for The Rock for exactly 18 months this week (Happy Anniversary, you two), has written about a broad range of topics, from Breaking Bad’s series finale, to a debate about fossil fuel use at BC, to the best versions of “Let It Go” on YouTube. Before she jets off to Granada, Spain for a fall semester abroad, we took a chance to catch up with her and find out why she rocks!

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What made you decide to start writing for The Rock?

I started writing for The Rock because I wanted the public to know what a travesty it was that “Call Me Maybe” was up for a 2012 Grammy award. At the time I had vaguely heard of The Rock and had started to consider getting involved with writing on campus, but I had never acted on anything until I got this article idea and wanted to run with it. Once I submitted that writeup and realized how cool and open-minded the staff was, I knew I’d found a place to let my voice and words be shared, no matter what it was I wanted to say.

10152469_669557876438777_9005228263243104089_nWhat’s your favorite article that you’ve written? That someone else wrote?

My favorite article that I’ve written is called “Who Run the (Music) World? Beyonce.” To me, writing that piece was the epitome of what my Rock experience has always been about: finding something current, something pretty lighthearted, and getting really excited to share it with an audience. I wrote it on a morning during winter finals week when I totally should have been studying, and had such a blast putting it together (and jamming to the Queen at the same time).

By someone else?  I absolutely love the Rock group pieces, be they “Music That Rocks” or holiday specials. There’s something very cool about pulling our whole staff together and sharing our thoughts in one place; a lot of my prior writing experience has felt very individualistic, whereas these pieces give our publication an element of teamwork that I really like.

Is there a topic you’ve always wanted to write about, but haven’t for some reason? Or do you seem to write something whenever you have any kind of idea?

I can’t say there’s anything in particular I’ve always wanted to write, or any method I use when I want to contribute. My style is more to find something that I enjoy thinking or talking about, and putting it down in words when I want to share those thoughts with other people. That’s the beauty of The Rock – I get to be really happy about or invested in whatever I write. Having said that, my goal for future pieces is to try and be more current, more up on world or social news, and keep myself and my audience educated on events outside of our BC bubble. 1907363_10204368307871998_5623161005354719216_nThe Rock is a ton of fun to read (*cough* and write for so you should consider contributing *cough*), but I want to push myself to be informative, too.

Now that you’re halfway through BC, what’s the best piece of advice you can offer the incoming freshmen?

When you move in, knock on random doors in your hallway – someone has to be that guy, and it might as well be you. Take a Perspectives class (shameless sales pitch from a girl who loves her major). Get your Honey Q with rice. Football games are fun, night football games are God’s gift to BC students. Go to 10:15pm mass in the Heights Room. Find your way to the Gasson roof. Study in Bapst when it rains, and forgo studying to sit on the quad when it’s sunny. And most importantly, don’t feel like you have to take my advice – college is what YOU make it.

Stay tuned for more editorial board profiles as the summer goes on!

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