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Newton For Dummies

Though we may live in a wonderland kept alive by the pursuit of knowledge, snow and Rubinoff (you know, to keep warm), do not be fooled–BC has a dark side. It’s not too dark, as there are actually many lights, but it may or may not be where the sanity of incoming freshmen goes to die on housing decision day. This place is Newton Campus: a beautiful, wonderful, yet sometimes very difficult place to live the first year of your BC experience. But fear not–I just started working part-time as an angel bearing tips on how to make your first year the best it can possibly be, even though housing lottery did you dirty.

busesFirst things first (I’m the realest…I had to, sorry), let’s talk about the bus. Try not to cry too hard when you miss it because it will happen a lot. Instead, download TransLoc with the expectation that it will eventually mislead you, resulting in you missing the bus. Running is an option but to this I offer two suggestions: improving your running game in the mockery of all gyms, the Quonset Hut; or not improving your running game–as in, don’t run for it. Don’t be discouraged by the dirty exhaust fumes now blowing in your face–the world won’t turn upside down. Instead, watch the bus, 30 paces ahead of you, pull away, as you look effortlessly cool in your Ray-Bans. You’re at the school of your dreams, who gives a damn about a bus? Fortunately, you have a third, more logical option, which I, regrettably, was far too lazy to take advantage of: learning the bus schedule posted at all stops sans TransLoc.

I’ll say that I didn’t try very hard with the Newton bus–if I made it, I made it; however, this f-it attitude does you no good if you get hit with an 8am and leaves you even worse off during weekends. You need this bus, and by this bus I mean the 2am bus. Ubers are a godsend but take it from someone who lived this struggle: you are neither YG, nor Drake, your Bank of America account does not have six figures, nor does it look like you’re ready for early retirement. Just make the 2am bus. Point. Blank. Period. I would list having a Newton bus sing-along as one of the options but I’m not fond of that fufu lame.

Now, I’m not sure how you feel about clean clothing–a lot of first years seem to not give a damn, but if you’re human and love putting on clothing fresh out the dryer, I recommend that you do laundry at odd times. Most people will choose Sunday to do laundry, but, remember, you’re not like the other first years, you have wisdom bestowed by an angel (yours truly). You simply don’t have the luxury of having a plethora of laundry rooms as do Upper kids; your life is hard–suit up.

bclawSo, I’m also unsure about how you feel about studying or how or where you do it but I will tell you right now–you may think it’s going to happen on Newton, but it ain’t happening on Newton. Bapst, though it is quite a sight and great if you’re into working by yourself, maintains a type of silence so intense your ears might bleed. In comparison, O’Neill is a friendly, modern library, so nice it lets you bring snacks to eat away your stress. When your study group, aka sad attempt at doing work with your six best friends, needs somewhere to work, O’Neill probably isn’t the best place as chatter volume usually doesn’t go beyond a whisper and that’s no fun. I was once asked to turn my music down by some Serious Steve. And though he was a fun-killer, I obliged out of courtesy–and rightfully so. Instead of irritating the studious and headphone-less, have study groups in empty classrooms.

As someone who was less than enthusiastic about living on Newton, freshman year was still one written by the gods. Even when Newton is bad (i.e. breathing in god-awful exhaust fumes three mornings in a row, having to fight biddies for washers, living on Newton etc.), it is still pretty damn good. Ultimately, this place will become your home and the friends you make here, your family. As a member of the class of ‘18 you are lucky enough to have four years of BC to experience, and in all seriousness, that’s one hell of a blessing.

Need some more advice on Newton life? Check out last year’s Great Freshman Housing Debate for some pro tips and pitfalls. Looking for wisdom about Upper Campus? Look no further. And remember, no matter where you live, we are all BC!


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