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Music That Rocks: Summer Jams, Vol. 5

Now that summer is here, it’s time to upgrade the old summer playlist with some new hits. All summer long, we here at The Rock will be presenting some of our favorite songs for your listening pleasure. Roll down those windows, soak up the sun and turn up the awesome summer jams!


“Spooners” – Diarrhea Planet 

Diarrhea Planet are a 6-man Nashville garage punk band in which four of the members play guitar, and that’s all you should need to know about them. 2013’s I’m Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams was an incredible album, and if “Spooners”, released this August as a part of Adult Swim’s Summer Singles program, serves as any indication, their next full length release is going to be just as good. It’s definitely a little more hi-fi than their previous efforts, but they still sound like they couldn’t decide who was going to be the lead guitarist and just decided to all go for it, which is awesome. If you really want to fall in love with Diarrhea Planet, look up some of their live sets on YouTube. If they don’t come to Boston this year I’m gonna scream and wail and cry. DP 4 ever. – Austin Blank ‘15

“Cut to Black!” – Lemaitre

I saw these guys in concert last week in Boston and they were GREAT! If they sound unconventional, it’s probably because they’re an indie electronic band from Norway. But don’t let their origins confuse you–there is plenty of talent and great music for every listener to enjoy. Plus, you’ll be hearing about these guys shortly…not only are they already a big deal in Europe, but they also signed onto the same label as Deadmau5 and Empire of the Sun in January. – Jack Donovan ‘17

“Dance” – Nico Vega

After seeing them open for Imagine Dragons and going to their concert in L.A. I can vouch that Nico Vega is one of the best up and coming alternative bands this year. They’re one of the few bands where you can actually feel their vibrant stage presence and electrifying charisma just through their music (although it doesn’t hurt to go see them live if you ever have the chance). If you’re into anything like Imagine Dragons or Neon Trees I highly recommend their brand new album Lead to Light. Just a warning though, their songs WILL get stuck in your head. – Diana-Michelle Castro ’18

“On Your Own” – Green River Ordinance

Something about the final weeks of summer always makes me nostalgic, and what better way to express a misplaced affection for days gone by than with music? This song was featured on a mix CD that a friend made at the beginning of freshman year, and the melancholic tone suits this strange time of year when summer is winding down and we’re heading “back to where it all began” for one last go-around. Also, my sophomore year RA was a big Green River Ordinance fan, so Marc, if you’re reading this, this one’s for you and Walsh 4. – Kate Lewis ‘15

“Arrows” – Fences (ft. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis) 

I have no shame in admitting that I am the biggest Macklemore and Ryan Lewis fan boy on the entire planet.  I’ve seen them live five times, and hope to make that number increase in the coming months. Now, “Arrows” is the second time that Fences has collaborated with Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, and just like the first time, the result is a hugely catchy song, with a music video thats entertaining to boot. The chorus itself is only a couple of words and is easy enough to remember and join in on. Fences, just like Macklemore, has a deep and alluring voice and infuses his lyrics with a meaning and drives that home throughout the entire song. Here, I believe that they’re talking about fame and the effects that it has on people, how we can lose our old selves in order to create something new. If this is any indication of what is to come in the future, then I for one am giddy, and will probably start looking to buy my next ticket.  – Joey Dorion ‘17

“Bang Bang” – Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj

I should be sorry that this is my pick, because I want to be unique! and different! and not so invested in pop culture as to pick this song! But damn, it got me. I’ve read commentaries that it’s the anti-“Blurred Lines” and a girl-power anthem, and there’s truth to that. But let’s break it down: Jessie J is severely underrated as a vocalist, Ariana Grande has rightfully exploded onto the scene this summer with an impressive set of pipes, and Nicki is back with rapid-fire swag reminiscent of her stint on TreySongz’s “Bottoms Up.” It’s badass, it’s catchy, and Nicki’s rap is my new favorite party trick. – Melissa Warten ‘16

“Do You Wanna” – The Kooks

This song makes me think of a dangerous Danny Zuko-like character leaning on a jukebox enticing me with his leather jacket and 1950’s sports car. The Kooks are a perfect Brit-rock addition to any playlist. Luke Pritchard’s lead vocals are smooth, simple, and satisfying. This song comes from their 2008 album, Konk, which I highly recommend. Other addictive tracks include “Stormy Weather” and “Sway.” – Alexa Kilroy ‘18

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